Why PPC will cost you more than SEO in the long run

One of the most common questions which businesses have is the difference of cost between PPC and SEO, especially in the long run. However, the answer why PPC will cost your business more as compared to SEO is not as simple.

SEO marketing is concerned with a multi-faceted approach in which it starts with a strong organic foundation which should focus on a more enhanced approach and PPC campaigns help to increase awareness of the business.

The best answer is a combination of the two, in which elements of both PPC and SEO are combined. A business website needs to be search-friendly, user-friendly and be a technically sound website that is aesthetically and visually pleasing to the users of the website.


Start with PPC in the Beginning

It is a good idea for businesses as is a good SEO practice to start the business marketing efforts with PPC campaigns along with SEO to provide a more outreaching campaign that increases the traffic to the website.


Do Not Rely on PPC

It is however, important for businesses to know that organic search drives more traffic to the website as compared to paid searches. One of the studies in 2014 showed that organic search is responsible for up to 64% of all the website traffic, whereas paid search only generates a meager 6% of the website traffic. The study shows us that SEO is more beneficial in the long run and hence will PPC will only the business more.

Even though, the traffic generated by the PPC is more qualified as compared to the traffic generated by SEP, however organic content generates a huge amount of traffic, hence making it very important for businesses to use.


What is the Immediate Result Required by the Website?

If the business website wants more traffic immediately, then PPC might seem to be effective but however, it is a more expensive option, whereas SEO is a more cost effective option for businesses.


What does the Business Need?

In order for the business to make the right decision when it considers to use either PPC or SEO, there are a few factors which need to be considered as mentioned below:

  • The current status of the website and if it is new or has been established.
  • The level of organic visibility of the website.
  • If your website is already using a paid search.
  • The objectives which have been set by the website and brand as a whole.
  • Understand of where most of the website traffic comes from.
  • The understanding of how the product, brand and service fit into a searcher’s buying journey.



All of these factors need to be considered when making the decision. A good idea for businesses is to contact the best ecommerce seo agency to ensure that the marketing strategy is more cost effective and actually helps generate traffic to the website. SEO has proven to be more cost effective in the long run as compared to PPC.


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