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A few decades back, we would wait for that issue of the Reader’s Digest to read articles from a favorite author or to discover something new and interesting to read. Now, in the age of the internet printed articles and regular columns have been replaced by text on a screen. Whether you want to learn a new recipe, are thinking about buying this new technology or want ideas for Christmas gifts. If you can think of a topic that may spark discussion, you will find a blog about it.

Blogs have become immensely popular and if in this day and age you don’t know about a few, you must be living under a rock. Blogs provide the perfect platform for an individual to share their passion through their writing in a space that is their own. Whether you are on the writing end or the reading end, it opens doors for networking and discovering new people. Even big brand names and multinational companies have given in to the trend and maintain regular blogs as they realize their significance.

But with so much information out there and so many different genres of blogs, it can be difficult to sift through and discover new content that is informative and intriguing for you. Which is where The Bloggers Digest comes in the picture. You may ask what is so special about it. Well, it is a blog about blogs and a content aggregator that brings its readers fresh and new content from their favorite topics and popular bloggers. Blogs bring convenience by bringing you information in an interactive yet hassle-free way. Bloggers Digest takes it a bit further by taking out the effort you put in to search for new content and finding it for you. Unlike a feed reader, the content is curated for you already and it features a lot of grassroots bloggers that might otherwise be difficult to find through other blog aggregators.  It was built with an aim to promote quality independent media and provide a platform for passionate bloggers to showcase their content.

The categories of the blogs available on the Bloggers Digest are determined by the preferences and interests of the readers. Run by a diverse group of passionate individuals, the blog works hard on bringing you the best quality content. One of the best bits is that the site is absolutely free for users and bloggers. While that may sound like a place where all kinds of content may end up. It is not. There are limited slots available on the site to feature content and work on the readers’ preference, these act as the filter for bad quality content. It also features daily crossword puzzles, comics and inspirational quotes. Making it a perfect site to scroll through when you want to kill some time.

Another great thing about Bloggers Digest is that it lets you submit your blog for aggregation. This allows for your blog to reach a wider audience and get discovered by people who are genuinely interested in reading your content. As opposed to a common misconception, content aggregation does not hurt your SEO rankings if done the right way, in fact it could have a positive impact on it.

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