Amazing Apps & Tools To Take INCREDIBLE Photos On Your iPhone

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A smartphone is actually a powerful tool with a lot of functionality and capabilities. iPhones feature a powerful camera and excellent image processing capabilities and hence serve as a content creation system for photos and videos. Though an iPhone can capture some of the best pictures for you, it is actually a phone and not built like professional cameras which serve the ultimate purpose of taking great images.

This is why you need some tools, accessories and apps to make your iPhone a photography machine. There are numerous accessories and apps available for the iPhone to level up your photography. If you need some quality images to edit on these apps, then check out Monoimages.com to download free photos which you can use for anything you like. Read on to find out more about these tools and apps.

  1. Photo Editing App – Snapseed

One of the best image editing apps for iPhone, Snapseed is equally useful for beginners and advanced users. It is a free app that delivers high-quality editing experience by taking care of all the image editing needs.

The app is perfect for daily photo editing like color, exposure, sharpening and cropping. It also comes with tools for advanced editing. Snapseed includes selective editing and brushes to edit specific parts of the picture. Its healing tool allows removing unwanted portions of the photo. It is an amazing photo editing app for iPhone users.

  1. Retouch App – TouchRetouch

The iPhone app dedicated to removing unwanted objects from pictures, TouchRetouch can remove any distracting element spoiling the photo in a matter of seconds. With this app, it is really easy to get rid of unnecessary people, street signs and litter. TouchRetouch allows eliminating imperfections in your portrait photos. It features a line removal tool ideal for removing telephone posts and power lines.

  1. Intermediate Editing App – Afterlight 2

Those who want to move beyond the basic photo editing on iPhone would find Afterlight 2 a great choice. It offers a variety of editing tools and artistic options to work with. And despite the comprehensive set of photo editing tools, the app is simple to use.

It features general editing options like exposure, color, crop and sharpness along with advanced tools like selective color and curves. It also offers filters and overlays to be able to add an artistic touch and enhance the mood.

  1. Photography Accessory – ShutterGrip

You can expand the iPhone’s photography capabilities instantly with ShutterGrip. It makes your smartphone work like a camera without having to install anything.

It comes with a tensioned attachment that works even with a case to provide an ergonomic grip and a shutter button. It also features a lanyard hole, tripod screw and a non-slip grip which guarantee steady shots which are otherwise not so easy with a phone.

  1. Traveling Companion – Adventure Tripod

A compact, waterproof, lightweight and versatile accessory for iPhone, the Pakpod Adventure Tripod makes the ideal companion for an adventurous iPhone photographer. It weighs about a pound and fits easily into any backpack to be available for any photography opportunity. It comes with stabilizing stakes that hold the iPhone steady in any location making it great for video, underwater photography and time-lapse.

  1. Professional Quality Photo Accessory – Telephoto Lens

A camera is as good as the lenses. You can add a wide angle or telephoto lens to the iPhone to capture more professional-like pictures. Ztylus Revolver M Series iPhone lens kit comes in the form of 6-in-1 attachment that expands the iPhone camera in no time.

You get a screen protector, a case and six different lenses in one unit. This tool lets you add a macro, a super macro, fisheye, wide angle and two telephoto lenses to the picture palette when you photograph with your iPhone.

  1. Professional Camera App – ProCamera

Giving you incredible control over the camera settings, ProCamera is an app that gives you a DSLR-like experience with your iPhone camera. It features a simple, clean interface that lets you adjust settings like shutter speed and ISO with ease. The on-screen histogram makes it possible to get the perfect exposure when shooting.

ProCamera also comes with a few handy settings to shoot in low light conditions. It features an anti-shake setting which ensures you never get a blurry shot. You can capture better shots in dark conditions with the LowLight mode. It also comes with HDR mode which creates the right exposure in high-contrast scenes.

  1. Manual Camera Controls App – Camera+2

Another powerful camera app for iPhone, Camera+2 comes with an integrated picture editing suite. It offers manual camera controls like ISO, shutter speed, white balance and focus. The app also offers a wide range of shooting modes for different situations. Slow Shutter mode helps you capture long exposure pictures while Macro mode is ideal for close-up photography.

You can use the Portrait mode to blur the photo background and capture professional quality portrait photos with your iPhone. An excellent feature of Camera+2 is the ability to separate the exposure and focus points, making it easy to focus on a part of the image while exposing on the other. It has numerous one-tap filters which allow changing the look and feel of your photo quickly.

  1. Textures App – Mextures

An amazing app for adding textures to iPhone pictures, Mextures also includes useful effects like light leaks, gradients and film grain. It allows you to create an entirely unique edit by stacking a number of effects.

Every layer being adjustable, you can easily change the blending mode and opacity to get the look you want. Mextures has a variety of preset formulas and you can also save your own formulas. You can also find a number of editing filters and tools in this app. You can easily fine-tune the color and exposure of the iPhone image using these tools. Mextures is the ideal app for those who want to create unique edits with their iPhone camera.

We hope the tools and apps we discussed in this article help you do incredible things with your iPhone. They are aimed at helping you taking pictures that nobody would believe were actually shot on an iPhone.


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