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We all know about cannabis. At the outset, it may sound like a simple drug but it is much more than that. Want to quench your thirst of knowledge?

Strain Sanity is here to help assist you.


What exactly is Cannabis?

Cannabis is a drug that derives its roots from Indian hemp plants. The major active chemical in this drug is THC which stands for delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol.

According to Strain Sanity, this kind of Cannabis strain, The Forbidden Fruit Marijuana, is an Indica dominant plant which contains Tangie and Cherry Pie coupled with heavy THC strains.

As the person consumes it, it can get him high targeting your head and going all the way down to your body. Initially, a person may experience an exciting sensation as a result of being high and finally getting him knocked out of senses.

It has an inebriating smell and tastes great. Along with that, it has an awesome yielding rate which makes it all more interesting.


Characteristics of Forbidden Fruit strain

This Forbidden Fruit Strain features an entrancing green bud shape encapsulated in orange hairs. This gives out a strong, fresh citrus smell. Its flower is one of the most conspicuous parts of the plant since it presents a spectrum of forest colours such as purple, pink, green, blue and orange.

The buds, on the other hand, are condensed and each of these is covered by white trichomes. The aforementioned feature of strain makes you feel intense elation in your neck and head. After that, after you reach the peak sensation, it will eventually make you feel drowsy yet relaxed at the same time.


Smell and Flavour

The fresh citrus smell laced with a tinge of pine makes it absolutely intoxicating. The smell of sweet cherry lures you into having a taste of this strain. As the taste varies from person to person, one can be rest assured to have a blast of taste when it comes to cherry, citrus, tropical and grapefruit.

It is safe to say that Forbidden Fruit  strains is one the most flavoury cannabis strains out there.


Effects of Forbidden Fruit Strain

At first, the consumer will feel himself being elevated to an euphoric state affecting your head at first. The sensational feeling will keep having its share of upheavals until it will put you in a deep slumber.

Those facing mental disorders must avoid intake of excessive dose since it can cause one to feel an unusual state of anxiety.


Beneficial for your health

Forbidden Fruit strain comes with a range of health benefits such as easing, uncalled migraines, muscle spasms, insomnia, chronic pain etc.

For those who tend to overthink things and be stressful about what might happen tomorrow, this could smooth the pace of ongoing activities in mind to make you feel relaxed.

If you want a comfortable sleep after a tiring, busy day, a higher dose could do good to you. If you want the effects to wear off as quickly as possible, a cold shower and a cup of strong coffee is the remedy.


How to Grow?

As much as it may seem hard, growing the Forbidden Fruit Strain can be really easy. All you have to do is get the right conditions such as light intensity, atmosphere, standard harvesting time, required air circulation and controlled humidity level.

Now that you have the basic information, check out Strain Sanity blog to dig into details and you won’t be disappointed.


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