Five Main Types of Carpet Cleaning

Having a carpet in your home, workplace, or other public places can play a minute but an evident role in the beautification of your room. People emphasize the flooring of their rooms, and you can decide to have it tiled or choose to cover your floor with a carpet. It is known that having a carpet that matches the design of the room makes your room more attractive. However, maintaining a clean carpet can sometimes be very hectic due to the spillage of various substances, which can sometimes be unavoidable. On the other hand, if you put so much effort into preventing spillages on your carpet, there is a little or nothing you can do about the occurrence of wear and tear over time, which always proves to be a big hassle for carpet users. These significant stains, wear, and tear has been said to give many users difficulty cleaning their carpet. Despite these difficulties, there are still specific economical ways of cleaning your carpet; these methods will save you the stress of calling professional or purchasing expensive steam cleaners.

There are various ways of cleaning your carpet, and this depends on the type of carpet you own. A common mistake most users make is not putting the carpet fibers into consideration before deciding on the cleaning method to employ. Different carpet comes with different carpet fibers, and these fibers require specific cleaning methods. Furthermore, certain carpet cleaners tend to destroy certain carpet fibers. Therefore, you have to be very careful when picking out your cleaning method. Whether you are employing a professional’s services or plan on cleaning your carpet yourself, it will be useful to learn different carpet cleaning techniques and how they work. In this article, we have given a detailed explanation of five main types of carpet cleaning.

  •       Dry Carpet Cleaning
  •       Foam Carpet Cleaning
  •       Steam Carpet Cleaning
  •       Shampooing a Carpet
  •       Bonnet Carpet Cleaning

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Five main Types Of Carpet Cleaning


Dry Carpet Cleaning

The dry carpet cleaning method is a commonly used carpet cleaning method since it usually takes little to no time for the carpet to dry up after cleaning. Usually, a cleaning powder is often employed for this method. The powder is sprinkled over the surface of the carpet, and it is allowed to stay on the carpet for a certain amount of time, depending on the manufacturer’s instruction. During this waiting period, the sprinkled powder attracts the dirt on the carpet and then absorbs it. After this waiting period, a vacuum is used to suck up the powder, thus, leaving your carpet clean and good as new. However, various carpet cleaning companies have developed a modification to this system, with the production of an oxygenated cleanser. An oxygenated cleanser, instead of powder, makes use of oxygenated bubbles, which helps to levitate dirt out of the carpet. Although this method is quite effective compared to the powdered cleaning method, however, it takes a little longer time for the carpet to get dry since the process is an oxygenated one and, as a result, leaves the cleaned carpet wet.

Shampooing a Carpet

This method is the least effective method on our list. It involves the application of formulated detergents directly on the carpet, after which the services of professional cleaners are employed to finish the job. The professional cleaners will agitate the cleanser (the formulated detergent). Then, the cleaner will extract the cleanser via a vacuum cleaner, thereby making the carpet smell nice and look bright and clean. However, this technique does little or nothing on dirt deep down in the pad of the carpet. As a result, if you are looking forward to just making your home look beautiful especially for a special occasion such as a cocktail party where people will have to keep moving around, and spillage on the carpet is almost inevitable, you might decide to go for shampooing your carpet since the carpet would still need to be washed after such events.

Foam Carpet Cleaning

 Another excellent carpet cleaning method is the foam carpet cleaning technique. It combines the application of the shampoo method and dry cleaning method. A small quantity of water and cleansing foam is the basic requirements of this cleaning technique. The cleansing foam is designed to perform the same function as the powder in the dry cleaning method.  The cleansing foam works its way through the carpet, collects dirt and dust particles, and other harmful fibers. Then, foam with the collected dirt is extracted from the carpet via a vacuum cleaner’s action. However, we strongly recommend this carpet cleaning method for cleaning a tough carpet due to the nature of the foam.

Steam Carpet Cleaning

The steam carpet cleaning method is often used nowadays. It is also known as the hot water extraction technique. Fundamentally, the steam carpet cleaning method requires the use of a powerful machine to deposit a large quantity of hot water and cleanser solution deep down into the carpet. Following this deposition, the cleanser solution absorbs the dirt on the carpet after which, and the machine will extract the mixture of the cleanser solution and dirt through potent suction. However, one of the most significant setbacks of this technique is that it uses a large amount of water. If care is not taken when the water sinks deep into the carpet’s pad, it might result in severe destruction of the carpet, and you will be left with purchasing a new carpet. However, if the hot water extraction technique is appropriately done frequently, it can be advantageous. Furthermore, this cleaning method is not a quick fix as it will require a more extended time to get the wet carpet to dry up.

Bonnet Carpet Cleaning

Lastly, this carpet cleaning method involves using a heavy-duty motorized rotary machine that has been immersed with a cleansing solution to absorb dirt from the carpet surface. This is a quick fix cleaning method that often removes dirt just from the top surface of the carpet fiber. Little wonder this method is highly employed in cleaning carpets in commercial buildings such as hotels, banks and so on because it can clean your carpet with very little or no moisture and it can dry your carpet very quickly as this will help eliminate any inconvenience that cleaning your carpet might cause for you and your customers. However, when using the bonnet carpet cleaning method, it is expedient to know that it doesn’t take long for the dirt accumulated at the deep of the carpet to surface at the top. That means if you like to use this technique, you have to clean your carpet frequently to maintain its cleanliness.



Foam Encapsulation

This method is very similar but advanced to the shampooing cleaning method as it requires the use of little quantity of water, unlike the shampooing technology.

Cleaning without a Steam Cleaner

This is an easy but stressful way of cleaning your carpets. This method requires the use of a brush, a clean rag, a baking soda or dish soap, and a bucket filled with warm water. You vacuum the entire area you need to clean and then apply the baking soda on the stained area, after which you gently scrub the affected surface with your brush. Make sure only to apply a little amount of water just enough to ease the washing of the stain and create bubbles upon scrubbing the stained area.


Over the cause of reading and digesting this article, we firmly believe that we have been able to educate you on the subject of various carpet cleaning methods, how they work, and their primary advantages and disadvantages. At this point, it is now left to you to weigh your choices and make the necessary decision on what carpet cleaning method you want to embrace. Do not forget, using a wrong carpet cleaning method on certain carpet fabrics can cause severe damages to your carpet. Take your time to make the right cleaning decision for your carpet.


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