Top Chocolates For Easter

Nothing says decadence like chocolate – no matter what type you get. As soon as the taste hits the tip of your tongue, you can’t help but indulge for more. Chocolate treats are probably the most common treat to receive on Easter, rivalling the amount you get on Halloween, if not more so! So, it comes as no surprise to see how chocolate has become the best seasonal treat. It can be in many forms and various fillings that excite your senses. Hard not to love chocolate. Yet, some Easter chocolate delights should be a staple treat for all Easter gift baskets.

See what chocolates top all others down below!


Classic Chocolate Bunny

Probably the most iconic piece of chocolate for Easter. Whether big or small, a chocolate bunny practically represents Easter with how common it is to include in all Easter gift baskets. It’s no wonder chocolate bunnies are popular since they established themselves as such a timeless traditional treat. When curating an Easter gift basket, it’s an absolute must to include a chocolate bunny. You honestly can’t go wrong with one!


Numerous Chocolate Eggs

There is no better symbol representing Easter egg hunts than a basket filled with chocolate eggs! Just like the chocolate bunny, this treat is a must-have when it comes to Easter gift baskets. You can see how it would be an instant Easter favourite since it also can suit almost anyone. How so? Well, most chocolate eggs aren’t all the same. You can get generic solid milk chocolate eggs or even get chocolate eggs with several types of fillings. Either choice should be able to satisfy any person’s palate and make tasty decor for your Easter gift basket!


Box of Chocolates

“Life is like a box of chocolates – you never know what you will get,” If you ever watched Forrest Gump, this line from Tom Hanks’ character is an iconic metaphor about life. However, in reality, most chocolate boxes come with a list of the various chocolates, so you know what types are included inside. In which case, for an Easter chocolate, a box of chocolates is a great idea to give to someone who wants to get adventurous with their chocolatey palate and have an idea of what they’re trying!

Titillating Chocolate Truffles

Do you want better chocolate quality this Easter? Step up your Easter chocolates by choosing to have some truffles! Chocolate truffles can give luxury to you this Easter as their name derives from their resemblance to their expensive mushroom counterpart with the same name. Aside from sharing a reputable name, chocolate truffles bring elegance since it’s typically a confectionery usually filled with rich ganache, cocoa powder, coconut, or chopped and toasted nuts. Bonus points if you end up getting chocolate truffles from Belgium – after all, they are the chocolate connoisseurs of the world!


A Chocolate Wine

For adults celebrating Easter, you can indulge in a lovely chocolate wine. Many wines out there have subtle notes of chocolate in their wine, or it’s the main taste depending on what you prefer. If you or anyone you know is a wine and chocolate lover, then having a chocolate wine would make for a surprisingly pleasant Easter treat! However, even with regular wine, you can still play around with the inclusion of chocolate for adults on Easter. Considering you usually get lots of different types of chocolates on Easter, you can make a game of pairing the wines with all your chocolates. Different from your regular Easter egg hunt, you can try to find the right wine and chocolate combination that enhances their taste instead of looking for eggs outside like the kiddies do. It makes for a fun, unique Easter experience for all adults!

As we all know, chocolate is typically universally loved. Even on Easter, it’s one of the most popular inclusions in most Easter gift baskets. You can see why since chocolate is so versatile in form and flavour. No matter what shape or taste, you can find that someone is usually satisfied with chocolatey treats. Hopefully, the amazing chocolates listed above make the perfect recommendations to be included as delightful additions for you this Easter!


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