Mother’s Day Gift Ideas (That Aren’t Chocolate)

Whether you’re trying to find the right gift or the best goodies among various Mother’s Day gift baskets, it can be difficult to figure out what mom would love best—coupled with mom not being into chocolate? Now that’s quite tricky. It’s assumed that most moms enjoy chocolate. Hence there is no shortage of chocolate available for Mother’s Day. Yet, that’s not a universal taste for all moms. So, what can you do instead of grabbing her chocolate? Thankfully, there are plenty of alternatives to what you can get your mother. Here are a few Mother’s Day gift ideas to look into to help you find the perfect thing for mom!


A Self-Care Day

Treat mom to a day at the spa if you want to go above and beyond for Mother’s Day! With everything that your mother does, she deserves a day where she doesn’t have to worry about anything and allow herself to get pampered. In addition, a spa day is a perfect opportunity to have quality time with your mom. If you’re unable to afford one, you can always gift her various self-care items that can still ensure she feels pampered and peaceful on her special day. If anything, a full day of relaxation and bliss completely trumps any ol’ box of chocolates for a gift idea!


A Riveting Book

Do you always notice mom with her nose in a book? If so, getting her a book that she would love would be best! However, you can’t choose any book. See what kind of books your mother reads and who her favourite authors are – it can help you figure out what type of book to get her. Is she more into romance? Then you better look for some good Harlequin romance novels! Understanding her taste in books not only gives her a book she’s guaranteed to love, but it will show her how thoughtful you are since it’s a more personable gift. Mothers love when you notice the small things about them, and finding the perfect book for them will succeed in doing so!


A Fine Wine

Would you consider your mother a ‘wine mom’? If so, finding a good bottle of wine is a gift that she would certainly enjoy! In which case, you need to ensure what type of wine she likes or lest you buy one she utterly dislikes. So, ensure you find out your mother’s favourite wine or even spoil her a little with a more expensive brand. You can pair her wine with other wine-related gifts like a glass or mug that speaks to her wine-loving. If she’s not into wine lover slogans, you can also treat her to a wine tasting. It is a classier alternative gift and would make for a fun experience for her.


Piece of Jewellery

If you can spare the cash, there is nothing like treating mom to a beautiful piece of jewellery. A misconception about jewellery as a present is that it can seem superficial – that’s hardly the case! Jewellery is known to be incredibly sentimental, with some being passed down as family heirlooms. In which case, give a Mother’s Day gift that she’s certain to remember and adore by giving her a piece of jewellery. Ensure you find the right one by seeing what she normally wears and its style. Does she wear silver? Does she wear necklaces a lot? Does she prefer statement pieces or more simple designs? Consider these questions as you choose jewellery for her, so you can get the right one that will make her smile brighter than the piece of jewellery you got her!

Some Beauty Products

All moms are beautiful. In which case, they deserve to express that beauty in ways that make them feel it. For some moms, it means having beauty products. Yet, what exactly constitutes beauty products? Well, it’s not just limited to cosmetics. These include products like skincare, fragrances, and even hair care. It’s quite the broad umbrella – which can give you many options to choose from for mom! But your best bet is to see what she currently uses for beauty products and see if you can get her favourites or ones that will suit her and her style. In this way, you can make your mom feel beautiful this Mother’s Day by gifting her a beauty product that she loves!


Shopping for mom may seem daunting – especially when it feels your only option is to buy her chocolates. Yet, it’s clear you can find various better gifts than chocolate to give to mom. With so many options, you can find at least one idea that would suit your mother and one she will enjoy no matter what!


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