The best women’s work shoes for the office

Each day of the workweek we spend in the offices’ one-third of our time. That is why making sure we’re comfortable is crucial. Of course, we should invest our time in picking clothes that make us feel good and professional, but we can’t forget about the shoes as well. Which ones will be the best choice if you’re working in the office environment? Let’s see.


Comfy sneakers

Luckily, we’re way past the times when women were required to wear stilettos or high heels to the office. Nowadays, more and more companies support casual outfits, and it’s rather common for employees to wear a simple combo of jeans and t-shirts to work. If you happen to be employed in one of these places, feel free to choose comfy and stylish sneakers or trainers.


Elegant flats

Simple flats are always a great choice – they will match to anything you have in your closet and won’t tire you feet as well. And if you want the benefits of height increasing shoes, you can choose a pair on a slight heel. It’s still very comfortable, but it will give you a couple of extra inches of height and slim down your silhouette.


Luxurious loafers

If you are tired of flats, maybe you should try loafers instead? They are also a very comfortable and stylish option. Most of the current models are inspired by menswear and are more on the clunky side, but you can find more delicate pairs as well, made for instance, from velour or velvet material.


Dapper oxfords

If you like to rock a more masculine style, you will do well with a pair of classic oxfords. They are elegant and timeless and will work great with a power suit as well as with a skirt. In the stores, you can find both simple and fancy models.


Stylish high heels

Sometimes our jobs simply call for high heels. Whether it’s everyday dress code of your company, or maybe you’re having an important meeting with a client. Luckily, there are several options, which will provide you with both an elegant look and comfortable wear. For instance, you can choose a stable pair with a block or chunky heel. Or you could also pick a slingback pumps on a lower heel – it is a very stylish, yet comfortable choice.


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