What Is The International Volunteer Day?

The International Volunteer Day is a special day which highlights the contributions made by volunteers to make the world a better place. It is an important day which is observed by the United Nations (UN) every year. It falls on the 5th of December each year. The International Volunteer Day focuses on social and economic development across the world.

On the International Volunteer Day, everyone has an equal opportunity to work at a volunteer organization so as to give back to the less privileged. Volunteers are given a chance to work on campaigns and projects that contribute towards the social and economic development of not just a single community, but rather the entire world. Volunteers can work at a local level, national level, or even an international level to make an impact. Every single effort makes a huge difference. Besides, more and more people are volunteering than ever before. Volunteering is on the rise in the developing world and many developing countries such as Pakistan and Nepal are also playing a huge part. For instance, Pakistan houses and supports the highest number of Afghan refugees.

What Do Volunteers Get To Do?

The International Volunteer Day is all about hard work and commitment. Through voluntary contributions, the lives of others are improved. Volunteers get to help out in a wide range of ways. Governments throughout the world, especially the ones that have committed towards poverty eradication spend heavily on making food more accessible for the less fortunate. There are various awareness campaigns that are funded by governments and philanthropists that serve a particular cause. Volunteers get to offer their services in their native country or even abroad. There are various activities on the International Volunteer Day such as the following.

  • Volunteering competitions
  • Voluntary programs and campaigns are launched by companies to play their part and show corporate responsibility.
  • Campaigns regarding time donation are launched and people pledge their hours by providing voluntary service to a specific cause or project.
  • Award ceremonies are also held in honor of volunteers who have contributed considerably to improving the lives of other communities.
  • Rallies, marches, and parades are held.
  • There are even voluntary community projects where people volunteer to help the less fortunate in a certain community.

There are certain causes that are promoted more than others during the International Volunteer Day such as the below.

  • Environmental sustainability.
  • Prevention of AIDS/ HIV.
  • Reversal of Malaria and any other disease that is harming the lives of others.
  • Improvement of maternal health policies and reduction of child mortality.
  • Women empowerment and promotion of gender equality.
  • Eradication of poverty.

How Can People Volunteer & Become A Part of The International Volunteer Day?

Anyone who is interested in giving back and helping others can easily volunteer at any one of the projects or causes by simply heading over to the United Nations Volunteers website. There are various events that are listed and you can participate in those which are near to your hear.


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