How to Enjoy International Franchise Opportunities with One of the Best Franchise Companies

We have entered the new retail age, where the availability of the Internet and other technologies have shaped all industries, including the traditional retail. With big data and computing, products can be selected scientifically, along with more precise and targeted positioning. If you want to open your own franchise store and avoid fierce competition, the best choice is opening a XIMIVOGUE franchise store.



XIMIVOGUE is a fast-fashion department franchise store. It is also the promoter of global “green consumer products”. With its core brand values of high-end vogue and low prices, XIMIVOGUE has earned the love from consumers all over the world. It has set the trend of personalized green consumption in the household market and opened up the business model of a department franchise business.

Over the past three years, it has opened more than 1400 stores in 74 countries and regions around the world. Through its more than 6000 products, XIMIVOGUE brings joy to more than 1 million people around the world every day. The fast-fashion department store industry is characterized by simplicity and fast replication. Most franchise companies promise abundant cash flow, zero inventory, and low investment risk. XIMIVOGUE’ s model is based on high quality, low price, and fashionable design.


How store owners can benefit from opening a XIMIVOGUE franchise store

  1. XIMIVOGUE’s rich experience in international franchising

XIMIVOGUE’s new retail business was launched in 2017. One of its main advantages was and still is the strong cooperation among its online, offline, and logistics systems. It has a lot of experience in working with data systems and releasing new products to meet the consumers’ ever-changing requirements. For this reason, XIMIVOGUE has all it takes to handle all risks related to international franchising. As a franchisee, you can directly benefit from opening a XIMISO franchise store.








XIMIVOGUE’ s purpose is to improve its franchise service quality. By using the operational characteristics of new retail, it can solve the problem of commodity integration and deployment, then truly achieve the rise of retail business. Solving the efficiency problem through informatization, XIMIVOGUE can move towards the new retail model that conforms to the current fast fashion department stores.


  1. Nine years of experience in the international franchise industry

XIMIVOGUE can count on big data processing and an efficient supply chain. It can rely on 500 high-quality suppliers, 50% of which have cooperated with this international franchise brand for more than 3 years. XIMIVOGUE has a good reputation thanks to its quality products. It updates 800 new products each month, and this is a benchmark in the retail industry. On average, more than 800 new franchise stores are opened every quarter.


Nowadays the power in international franchising shifted from retailers to brands. Consumers are looking for great products and brands. On the contrary, buying channels became less relevant. With always lower entry barriers for international franchising, many new brands have created their websites and started selling all sorts of products.. This created a shift in the old business model where department stores and retailers could decide which brands and products to sell. As for traditional retailers, we’re seeing more retailers like Walmart and Amazon trying to compete by acquiring and launching their own private brands.


Therefore, XIMIVOGUE has accelerated its product transformation and upgrading. In the current situation of declining market performance, huge inventory pressure, and more common store closures, major fast fashion brands need to make more adjustments. XIMIVOGUE is also adjusting its pricing, product positioning, and other aspects to face different market consumer groups and diversified product business development.


  1. XIMIVOGUE’s shop design and well-rounded service

From the choice of the location to the opening, XIMIVOGUE’ s continuous service can help each store owner to open a franchise store without any problems. In parallel with the growth of cross-border marketing, this franchise company is also constantly enriching its selection of products.


With big data and the Internet used more often in international franchising, we can improve both the user experience and the sellers’ efficiency. In this way, each action, product, and operation can be measured digitally. In the following years, the international franchise industry will have an even brighter future. Join XIMIVOGUE to enjoy some of the most profitable franchise opportunities.

For more info, please visit https://www.ximiso.com


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