Something You Should Know About Industrial IoT Router

As IoT prevails across more industries and municipalities, the demand for secure and reliable network solutions which support remote monitoring and process automation in a harsh environment, becomes even more imperative. As an advanced data transmission equipment, industrial IoT router opens up numerous possibilities to develop the industrial Internet of Things. In recent years, it has been making its way into many fields, including intelligent building, fire protection, public safety, environmental protection, meteorology, digital medical treatment, remote sensing survey, agriculture, etc. Let’s get a closer look at industrial IoT router.


Here are 6 benefits of Industrial IoT router

  • Reliable Networking and Communication

An industrial IoT router is built with high-performance industrial wireless modules and high-stability and high-precision components. It is designed for harsh industrial conditions. Generally, it remains stable at a temperature ranging from -35 °C to 75 °C..


  • Super-Fast Speed of Data Processing and Transmission

The capacity of built-in FLASH and RAM is increased by two times, which enables a large amount of wireless data transmission. So, the transmission of pictures and videos becomes smoother than ever without the least distortion.

Besides, the speed of CPU processing is three times faster than ever, and the WIFI transmission speed can reach up to 150 Mbps.


  • Powerful WIFI Connectivity

The Wireless Fidelity supports 802.11b/g/n, WIFI AP, AP Client, repeater, relay bridge and WDS, WEP, WPA and other encryption methods.


  • Equipment Management Platform

Working with Equipment Management Platform, industrial IoT router supports the central network management, batch configuration and upgrading functions of a lot of equipment. As a result, the implementation and management of large projects become more convenient and efficient.

  • Real-Time Display of Signal Intensity

An industrial router can display the strength of network signal at any time, so it will be more convenient to manage the data processing and transmission.


  • Supports Various VPN Access Technology

For one thing, industrial IoT router fully supports mainstream VPN technologies such as IPsec, L2TP, PPTP, 0penVPN, GRE, APN and VPDN. For another, it supports high-intensity and multi-level data encryption mode to safeguard data transmission security.


Must-know tips on selecting an industrial LoT router

With dazzling options on the market, it is still difficult to find an ideal industrial IoT router. Here is some sound advice for you.

1.Price-To-Performance Ratio

Cost is the key in selecting an industrial LoT router.  It is best to choose the one at a reasonable price according to your actual needs, such as working voltage, temperature, stability, coverage, etc. Industrial Dual SIM Cellular VPN Router (R3000) from Robustel is here to bring a new generation of capabilities to Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) connectivity. From processor, electronic parts to communication module, R3000 is built completely to the industrial grade to guarantee long-lasting reliable operation under harsh industrial conditions. To be more specific, this rugged cellular industrial IoT router features . Also, it supports IPsec, OpenVPN, as well as GRE and can be managed and maintained via Web, CLI, SNMP or RCMS.


2.Leading Brand

Leading brands in the industry often have rich experience and top-class technologies. Besides, the quality of products and after-sales service will be greatly guaranteed. China is now leading the pack in the communication industry with top brands like Huawei, Robustel and so on. In particular, Robustel, an expert with 9 years of production experience in an industrial router, endeavors to provide highly secure and flexible network solutions for M2M and IoT applications in the most demanding environments. Its industrial IoT router R3000 with the next-generation performance gains popularity among global buyers. The firm’s recent activities on the worldwide market with quality and sustainable product supply earned it the Red Dot Design Award.


3.Technical Support

Unlike ordinary routers, 4G industrial routers often use network technologies including VPN. If you are unfamiliar with the network running, you may encounter some problems in the process. Hence, it is wise of you to choose an industrial IoT router manufacturer which can provide timely technical support and respond for you.


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