Effects of Corona on Your Studies

The coronavirus has left many countries around the world under lockdown. It has hit the global economy the hardest. Many countries are struggling due to the current pandemic. One of the sectors that have suffered significantly is the education sector. The coronavirus has had a huge impact on studies. Many classes are being conducted online, while others are being postponed until the pandemic is under control. Thus, you might feel that your studies have come to a halt. However, if there is one thing that we have realized, it is the fact technology can be leveraged for just about everything.

A trend towards Online Learning

Although online learning has always been available, it is finally being utilized to its full potential. More and more schools are going online and are offering online classes to students. It is helping keep students busy with their studies rather than worrying about what their future holds. Most colleges and universities have gone completely online to cater to the needs of their students. Therefore, if you are a student, chances are that you have started taking online classes to catch up with the semester backlog. However, there are still some delays in classes as getting the right teachers onboard to produce content remotely is not an easy task. Furthermore, many students are opting for online CPM homework help to make it through this difficult time.

Semester Abroad

If you had planned a semester abroad, it is impossible for you to proceed with your plans as all major airports are closed until further notice. Many students partake in study abroad programs to widen their philological and cultural understanding. Some head to Italy to pursue their passions, while others visit China. Both of these regions have been hit the hardest by the virus. Many students were even forced to fly back home, whereas, some ended up getting stuck in a new country without much support. Travel restrictions have made it extremely difficult for international students to study abroad. As for students that rely on meal programs at college are unable to receive their food. Such students might find it difficult to afford food since they rely on discounted food at their university.

The Economics of the Virus

The coronavirus has taken an economic toll on institutions across the globe. As many international students went back to their home countries during the semester break, they were unable to return due to travel bans. There are serious financial implications. It shows us just reliant most institutions are on international students that are willing to pay up a ton of money for receiving an education.

Moreover, English proficiency tests such as TOEFL and IELTS have stopped offering exams in many countries. It means that many students from countries like China and India would be unable to study abroad. As fewer international students study abroad, educational institutions are finding it tough to cover expenses, especially in countries like Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the UK, and the US.


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