Private Airport Transfers are Cheaper than Ever. Try Twelve Transfers as an Example

If your upcoming travel list involves a trip to Florida, you’ll most likely going to have a blast. Be it a business trip or a regular holiday, there are plenty of things to do in the sunshine state. No matter you prefer chill evenings at restaurants or mad parties altogether, there’s just enough for everybody.

We are not familiar with your to-do list when it comes to travelling, but we are willing to bet that booking a private chauffeur service is not at the top of the list – although it should be. Not many people give is such a great importance, but one bad trip from the airport to the hotel can ruin your entire stay. A missing luggage or a rude or unexperienced driver are more than enough to do the trick.

So how do you avoid this and make sure you’re going to actually enjoy this trip from point A to point B. It’s simple, you look for the best company out there, one where values your time, the money you spend and your loyalty. We’re talking about Twelve Transfers, the newcomer on the block.

If that name sounds familiar, it’s all because Twelve Transfers actually started its business a while ago right in the UK. After more than 6 years of innovating and making customers happy in jolly old London, the fine folks at Twelve decided to look for a new challenge across the ocean, right in the sunshine state.

Since then, Twelve Transfers has been handling great airport transfers here in Florida too. You don’t have to ask us, but the thousands and thousands of happy clients that chose them already. Twelve Transfers already has a 98% approval rate in their reviews, so they must be doing something right 😊

Maybe it’s all about the cars. They operate with a fleet of modern vehicles that meet your every need, such as the Cadillac Escalade, the BMW 7 Series or the Mercedes S Class – premium cars for premium services, now more affordable than ever.

Or maybe it’s about the drivers. Twelve Transfers makes no compromises and hires only the best out there; private, experienced chauffeurs ready to take care of you and deliver you to your destination safe and sound, as all trips should go.

Could it be the great customer service department? The team at Twelve Transfers works 24/7 so that every potential or actual client can benefit at any hour from expert advice or essential info about the best transfers out there.

Or maybe it’s all about the prices. Twelve Transfers became quite popular for operating prices with up to 20% cheaper than most their competitors. That means awesome services at affordable prices, something you don’t find that often in this business.

Or maybe it’s a combination of all of the above. One thing’s certain though: choosing Twelve Transfers for your upcoming trip to Florida could prove one of the best driving experiences out there, you just have to take a leap and find out for yourself.


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