6 Things To Know Before Choosing The Right Ice Cream Display

Ice cream displays are the perfect addition to a restaurant, cafe, and ice cream shop. When you use the right ice cream display, it allows you to sell more ice cream and generate higher profit margins. Thus, you can expect increased footfall. The type of ice cream display you purchase depends on your requirements, budget, and the type of ice cream that you want to sell. If you are considering getting an ice cream display, this post will come in handy. An ice cream display freezer operates at a higher temperature despite being sub-zero. It typically has a glass canopy or glass lid that makes the ice cream visible to customers, thereby attracting them to buy more ice cream. The following 6 things should be considered when choosing an ice cream display.

  1. How Much Space Do You Have?

The first thing that you need to do before choosing an ice cream display is to determine how much space you have. You must measure the amount of space that is available for an ice cream display before you decide to purchase one. Always opt for an ice cream display that is smaller than the total amount of space available as it allows you to change the space without filling the space to the brim.

  1. How Many Flavors Would You Like To Sell?

When it comes to selling ice cream, there are plenty of flavors. From vanilla to blueberry, strawberry, mint, chocolate, corn, cheesecake, and many more. It can be difficult to serve all the ice cream flavors without adequate portions for each flavor. Hence, you must determine how many flavors you would like to sell before choosing the right ice cream display. Consider the 6 to 9 most popular flavors.

  1. Who Is Supplying The Ice Cream?

Another important thing that needs to be considered when purchasing an ice cream display is the supplier. Since most ice cream suppliers sell in 5-liter tubs, you can easily place the tubs directly into the stainless pans. However, some suppliers supply 4-liter tubs. This is why it is a good idea to check out who supplies the ice cream.

  1. What Stocking Options Do You Want?

Many ice cream shops forget about stocking options. It is worth to check out the different stocking options available. Find out if you need access to extra stock. There are different ways to satisfy your extra stock needs such as by storing through the top or opting for the rear. You should have sufficient back-up stock at all times, especially when the weather is hot as people are more likely to buy ice cream.

  1. Do You Have Power Supply For the Unit?

Find out if you have the power supply for the unit. Small units are easy to power. However, larger units require 3 phase supply. Hence, you should determine if you have the power supply for the unit.

  1. Do You Want Any Extras?

When purchasing an ice cream display, you should also consider getting extras such as signage, scoop wash, and scoops.


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