Discover the Beauty of Hyderabad

Hyderabad is also known as The Pearl City. This is because of the unmatched blend of modernity and history captivates any person who steps in this beautiful city. Hyderabad has the status of a metropolitan city at present and also has 400 years old history. Visiting Hyderabad is a refreshing experience for all. Natural gateways, historical monuments and the famous cuisine attract a lot of people from all over the world.

If you plan on travelling to Hyderabad from Pune, you can choose from a number of routes. There are many ways in which you can travel including railway, cabs and buses or even airway. The distance between the two cities is 552 kilometres. By car, it might take about 8 hours to reach your destination. There are also numerous Pune to Hyderabad buses travelling on a regular basis. Pune offers a lot of facilities so that your travel is as comfortable as it can be. You can choose budget friendly options like busses or trains or you can choose to travel by cab for more comfort or flight to save time.

Wonders of Hyderabad

Hyderabad has a number of beautiful tourist places that is a delight for families, group of friends, senior citizen and also children. There is something for everyone here. The various tourist spots of the city are:

  • Charminar­– this is a historical monument that everyone in India has heard of. The Charminar is situated in the Old City. The square shaped structure has a height of 56 metres and breadth of 30 metres. Sultan Mohammed Qutb Shah built it in 1591 for his wife Bhagmati.
  • Golconda fort– if you travel 11 kilometres away from the city, you will find this beautiful architectural marvel. The fort was built by the Qutub Shahi Kings and it has a very impressive structure. The majestic walls rise to about 15 feet. The brilliant architecture attracts many people, but that isn’t all. The water supply system and the acoustics is also a marvel to observe.
  • Ramoji film city– this is one of the most popular tourist spots in Hyderabad and it attracts people from all over the country. This is among the largest film studios of the whole world and it can house about 50 film units at any given time. The place is so famous that it has also been listed in the famous Guinness Book of World Records.
  • Hussain Sagar lake– after you are done with the Pune to Hyderabad buses booking, you can make a list of all the places you would visit. Of all the places the Hussain Sagar Lake is going to be one of the best experiences. It is an artificial lake and it is actually the largest one in all of Asia. Here you will also find a 16 metres tall statue of Lord Buddha made of white granite located just in the middle of the lake.

Various other place like the Birla Mandir, Jala Vihar, Chowmahalla Palace, Lumbini Pak, Qutub Shahi tombs, Birla Planetarium, Nehru Zoo park, etc. are worth a visit. All these marvellous places together make Hyderabad a perfect place for tourism.


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