The Life Changing Experience of Volunteering Abroad

There is something so exciting and adventurous about leaving your home and your comfort zone and going abroad into a totally different environment. It is truly life-changing, and not just because it adds to your experiences, but it transforms your personality as well. In simpler words, you can say that volunteering abroad might just be one of the best things to happen to you. You’ll go as you are but when you come back, you will be somewhat of a different person.

1. You will become more grateful than before.

When you are volunteering abroad, just the simple act of cold or hot showers, taking a walk outside can change the perspective of your vision and what you observe. Living in our own country, we become so used to these simple things, that we start taking them for granted. Sometimes there is no clean water, sometimes there is no air conditioner, and all this will make you grateful for what you have.

2. You would look forward to more experiences.

The moment you board your flight to go back home, you will start to miss all the wonderful experiences and adventures that you had. The urge to go back and do something like this will hop in your mind and you won’t help yourself to plan your next adventure. Your time abroad could make you independent, more adventurous and turn you full of wanderlust.


3. You will become sensitive towards different cultures.

Travelling abroad gives you the opportunity to experience new cultures, new traditions, and interact with new people. Often times, you are assigned to volunteer in smaller countries or cities, and that is a totally different experience from bigger cities. You get to live in the area, learn their culture, and enjoy the time of your life like a local person. This makes you sensitive towards other cultures besides your own, and you will become more interested in culturally in the world.


4. You’ll become an expert in communication.

When you go abroad to volunteer, language can become a barrier. But even with this barrier, with the passage of time you become great at communication even without words. You get to laugh with people, look into their eyes, if they are happy or sad, and help you to connect more closely with people. You might not know the exact translation of sentences but learning a few words and focusing on their faces and vibes can help you become and expert at communicating with people.


5. “Home” will gain more meanings and become dear to you.

When you return home and unpack your bags, you will start reminiscing about your time abroad. You will go through the photos, look at your friends, and miss the family that you created for yourself there. And now that everything has changed, you will know that that was your home too. Home has now become a feeling that develops when you create a bond, and you will also know the comfort of your own home.


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