7 Super Cool Yet Free Android Apps To Try Out

It’s hard to find people who don’t have many different apps on their phones these days. While many apps help us get a lot of work done faster and better, some are just for fun.

Some even do more than help us have fun. In fact, some apps even make us money while having fun, such as these apps from this kingged video article.

For those who don’t know, android apps are programs that can be installed in our smartphones or tablets. The importance of an app cannot be overemphasized.

Apps provide your device with the special abilities and functions, which allow you complete a special task.

Apps come in different forms and most especially those made specifically to run on smartphones or tablets built with the android operating system.

You can download free apps for your gadget today as there are hundreds and thousands of such apps in the android market.

Android apps are categorized into different types. You can get these apps under communications, entertainment, multimedia, productivity, sports, health, games, widgets, finance, tools, travels, news, or reference categories, etc.

Under any of these categories, you can access the most suitable downloads for either personal or for business use.


The following are 7 super cool android free apps you can install to increase performance for your android phone or tablet.

  1. Movie Guess – This is a free app you can install into your android phone to help you test your knowledge about movies. This is a great entertaining app, especially for those who love movies and quizzes.
  2. Androidify – When you are using any gadget that run on the android operating system, you may want to customize the menu interface or screen in your own way. This free app can help you do just that.

More so, it help you to give the customization a real “android” look, especially with the appearance and color of the android operating system color.

  1. Palm Reading – This is another free and entertaining android app that can help you take a quick one at palmistry. You can use this tool to read palms and future s of your friends and loved ones.
  2. Electric Sleep – Do you know that this amazing app can help you wake up during your sleep circles?

Yes, this is possible and even as the app takes record of all the circles of sleep you experienced during the night.

This works as an alarm clock but with double function. Get this free app today for your android device.

  1. Office Yoga – When you are on the go every minute and barely have spare time for Yoga sessions; this android free app download would be invaluable to you.

It provides you with nine sets of movements that are Yoga based and which you can practice even on your phone.

This app is great in providing you refreshment and relaxation.

  1. Pregnancy Calendar – If you are an expecting mother, this really cool free app can be installed into your android phone allowing you to follow the developments that take place week by week between you and the fetus.
  2. Ringtone Maker – This app can help you create and customize your choice music, notifications, alarms, and ringtones with ease. These are created from MP3, 3GPP/AMR, WAV, AAC/MP4 files.

These are 7 really cool android free apps you can install and start enjoying today. Of course there are many awesome apps out there, for whatever interest or need you have, but these will excite you.

Yes, they are all completely free to install and start using from the app store.



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