5 Smart Uses for Your VPN

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If you have a VPN and want to take full advantage of it, this post is just for you. A VPN does more than just protect your online activity. With some creativity, you can leverage it as a tool for doing so much more. VPN stands for a virtual private network. It helps companies protect sensitive data from prying eyes. With a VPN, your internet connection is routed to a remote server which makes it impossible for outsiders to keep a track of your online footprint. However, there is more that VPNs can offer. Make sure that you use a reliable VPN service provider such as vpn.surf to benefit from the following smart uses.

  1. Avoids Throttling From Your ISP

Internet plans for businesses can be expensive. Internet providers promise to offer maximum uptime. However, they treat business traffic just like traffic from regular users. When you use online services regularly that the ISP does not like, it could throttle the internet speed which would make it difficult for employees to work. This is where a VPN will come in handy. It can be used to prevent the ISP from throttling the connection. Although it might not work if you exceed the data cap regularly, a VPN would prevent the ISP from artificially slowing down the speed.

  1. Access Better Travel Deals

When it comes to travel sites, they do not treat all the traffic the same. If you look at your computer, tablet, or smartphone for the same rooms or flights, you will notice different prices. It can get frustrating searching for travel savings. But, you can use a VPN to mask your intention on travel sites to benefit from unbiased pricing. Use the VPN and change your location to see how prices change. A flight from New York to Dallas might cost less when the airline website thinks that the person finding a flight lives in New Zealand.

  1. Deal with Foreign Censorship Laws

Many countries have a strict policy when it comes to the internet. If you travel to foreign countries such as China or Saudi Arabia, a VPN will come in handy as it will reroute the traffic elsewhere for full access to the uncensored web. However, you should be careful when using VPNs as some countries have banned VPNs, and searching for certain sites might be considered illegal.

  1. To Protect Devices When Using Public Wifi

Public wifi is filled with hackers who are waiting to hack your device. Business users should be cautious when using wifi at a strange location for work. Information thieves are always on the lookout for stealing your valuable information. A VPN will help protect the device from getting hacked.

  1. Safer P2P Connections

Finally, when download pirated software, games, movies, and music, a VPN should be used as you could get into legal trouble if you download a pirated document online with your actual IP address. Moreover, a VPN will allow you to access P2P websites.


There are many smart uses for your VPN as mentioned in this post. Take advantage of your VPN by using it for activities as mentioned above.


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