How to start a recruiting business for under $100/month?

The Staffing and Recruiting is half a trillion-dollar industry worldwide and 150 billion dollar industry in the US alone. This is an industry that includes companies that help other companies find talent.

Recruiting agencies typically focus on sourcing skilled professional individuals for full-time, and contract positions. This businesses will need recruiting agencies to establish a good client relationship and a professional, well-qualified candidate pool. To maintain a good client relationship and a great candidate pool, you need to focus on engaging your clients and know their ideal candidates and attract them. If match making is something you like, this is the profession for you.

It is a great industry for the uninitiated. Recruiting & Staffing industry has a very low barrier to entry. There are only a few things that you need to get started. However, to start your business the right way you have to make proper strategies and a good business plan.

That being said, it is advisable to start recruiting in an industry that you have an experience or a network already. It is a very relationship-driven business that can reap exponential benefits as you spend more time in a smaller niche.



Getting started in the Staffing and Recruiting Business.

Lay out your business ideas and strategies! A clear plan will help you visualize the specifics of your business and drive you to endeavor for your business goals.

To get started, you need to put together a few things first.


Recruiting agency CRM

CRM is an abbreviation for Customer Relation Management Software. Since Recruiting is a relationship-driven business, you will need software that will help you manage candidate and client pipelines. Recruiterflow is a highly rated recruiting agency CRM that is loved by users all around the world.

Pricing: $69/month (More about the pricing here)

Productivity Suite

Buy a Gsuite or Office365 cloud email account. Gsuite is a productivity suite offered by Google and Office365 is offered by Microsoft.  These productivity suites include cloud hosting of emails, other necessary tools like word editor, spreadsheets and a presentation software.


G-Suite pricing: $6/month More about G-suite pricing here.

Office 365 pricing: Starts at $5/month. More about office365 pricing here.


Website Builder and web hosting

It is important to make a great impression on your prospective candidates and clients. For that, you will need a website that grabs their attention and tells the world the services you provide. There are several website building tools available that will let you build a website with zero technical knowledge. The top two players are Wix and Squarespace.


Squarespace pricing: Starts at $12/month. More about squarespace pricing here.

Wix pricing: Starts at $0/month. More about wix pricing here.


While the list above is all you need to get started. However, if your budget allows there  are certain tools


Email finder

You will need a contact finder to engage your clients and candidates. Again, there are multiple players in this space. If you take a recruiting CRM like Recruiterflow, this feature comes built-in. Apart from that, another great tool is Lusha.


Recruiterflow: $0/month if you already have the subscription to the CRM

Lusha: $23/month for the basic plan. More about the pricing here.


LinkedIn Subscription

LinkedIn is world’s largest professional network, and naturally a treasure trove for recruiters and sales people. You will need a LinkedIn account for effective sourcing. You can use LinkedIn’s huge network to attract qualified job seekers for your job posts.


Although LinkedIn is free to use, their premium paid versions give you a serious power up. Even in the free version, you can run X-ray searches via google or bing, and that would do in the beginning.

You won’t need a LinkedIn Premium or Recruiter account to get started. But, you can get a LinkedIn Sales Navigator or Recruiter Lite license.

Sales Navigator Professional pricing: $79.99/month/license.
Recruiter Lite pricing: $119.95/month/license.


That’s it! Recruiting & Staffing is a great industry and if you are thinking about how you can start a business and be your own boss, this might be something worth thinking about.


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