4 Questions to Ask Before Moving To Enterprise Dedicated Hosting Provider

Shared hosting might seem like the most practical and budget-friendly option when it comes to hosting. However, over the years, most businesses have realized that cheap does not mean better. This is why businesses are switching to a dedicated server. It is an expensive alternative to shared hosting and has a ton of long-term benefits. But, to take complete advantage of dedicated hosting, you need to have a reliable service provider. Although enterprise dedicated hosting providers might be an expensive option for SMEs, some providers offer services exclusively for small enterprises. If you want to benefit from a dedicated server, you must choose the right hosting provider. This post looks at the top 4 questions to ask before moving to an enterprise dedicated hosting provider.

  1. Have You Experienced Cyber Breaches In The Past?

The first question that you need to ask yourself is if you have experienced cyber breaches in the past. Security is the most important factor for just about every organization. It is one of the reasons why businesses are prepared to pay more for a server and hosting provider. It is uncommon for service providers to give an honest answer regarding the level of security they offer. But, as the cybercrime rate has risen significantly over the years, security is something that you cannot compromise on. Choose an enterprise dedicated hosting provider that has a strategy and has improved its service since the previous breach. Only when the hosting provider can offer a proper explanation about their preventive policies and measures should you move on with the next question. The provider you choose must have a comprehensive disaster recovery solution.

  1. Where Are They Located?

The location of the server is everything. It has a huge impact on performance. Remember, the shorter physical distance between the dedicated server and your target audience would result in a short transit route. It would lead to lower latency and better stability. It does not matter where you might be located as long as you consider where your end-user is located. For example, a Californian company serving clients in Virginia should consider having the server in Virginia.

  1. Would It Be A Fully Managed Service?

When choosing a dedicated hosting package, many people believe that it means complete management. However, this is not the case. Every provider offers a different level of management. You can also opt for completely unmanaged hosting to have the team handle all the management-related tasks such as upgrades, maintenance, and installation. Determine the level of management you would require and if the provider can offer you that.

  1. Do You Guarantee 100% Availability During Peak Hours?

Ask the hosting provider if they offer 100% availability during peak hours. You should also ask how the overall performance of the website can be improved. You must choose a provider that ensures availability during peak hours.


From learning about past breaches to asking about availability during peak hours, this post will prepare you to ask the hard-questions to choose the right enterprise dedicated hosting provider.


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