Your Guide to Omatic’s Nonprofit Integration Solutions: Platforms They Work With & How To Get Started

Stakeholders at not-for-profit organizations often seek ways to make data available across every platform in use, such as constituent relationship management software and fundraising platforms. The best software for nonprofits was developed for use in these contexts and supports the leading software in this sector. Find out more about the advantages Omatic data integration solutions can offer to organizations seeking to supply data stored in the Raiser’s Edge to Salesforce donor tracking software or export fundraising data from online tools such as Classy to the Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack or other CRM platforms.

Omatic Integrates With Raisers Edge NXT & Salesforce NPSP

Omatic Cloud is software designed to work with the leading constituent relationship management software platforms. Whether an organization relies on the latest version of Raiser’s Edge by Blackbaud or the Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack as its primary donor management system, Omatic is capable of connecting either one or both of these platforms.

Integration software is helpful for connecting platforms that manage and store data in unique ways. Making information from CRM or fundraising software available in other interfaces may require measures to translate fields or objects that do not have corresponding functions. An integration suite that has automation capabilities can expedite and facilitate the transfer of information while preventing errors and enhancing the accuracy and completeness of data.

Connecting Classy & Salesforce

The ability to accept and process donations and maintain constituent records is one of the reasons why Raiser’s Edge has remained a popular choice for nonprofits for over three decades. In recent years, more organizations have come to recognize the advantages of Salesforce for Nonprofits for relationship management, even though this platform does not process donations.

Integration is imperative for associations that use the Salesforce NPSP or other CRM software without built-in support fundraising functionality. Donor and gift data processed and stored on a third-party platform such as Classy will need to regularly be imported into relationship management software. The easiest way to make up-to-date information available is to implement integration software.

Integrating CRM Software With Third-Party Applications

One of the best features of Omatic Cloud is the versatility of this platform. A nonprofit that needs to connect any of the leading CRM software with third-party resources used for fundraising, engagement or outreach will find it easier to do so with access to a centralized, cloud-based data management solution.

During a setup period, stakeholders can determine which data points are most important to transfer across platforms. It is also important to determine the frequency of imports or exports to ensure that up-to-date information is available in records used in reaching out to donors. An integration platform developed to support the leading nonprofit software may allow for faster and less difficult implementation.

Omatic nonprofit integration solutions support the most popular CRM and fundraising software. Whether an organization relies on a legacy platform such as Raiser’s Edge, uses a cloud-based SaaS resource such as Salesforce for Nonprofits or combines a variety of third-party platforms, this cloud-based suite can jump start data integration and provide ongoing support for optimal data management.


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