What is Garbage Removal?

As people living in modern society today, we sure do have a lot of junk. The average family of four accumulates three to four bags of trash per week. Nations are producing millions of tonnes of garbage every single year. Every single thing we purchase ends up producing some form of waste that must be disposed of. Even people who are eco-friendly and compost their produce still end up with a lot of garbage due to bags and the containers their food comes in. There’s just no way around it; we produce garbage every day of our lives. Of course, this all has to be disposed of properly. Especially in a modern first-world nation with a commitment to preserving ecosystems and combating climate change, it’s more important than ever that this garbage is disposed of properly.

So, what is garbage removal? Is it really as simple as flinging bags of waste into a landfill and covering it all with dirt? This is what a lot of people think when they think about taking out the garbage, but it’s not as simple as that, especially if we’re talking about private junk removal companies. These companies are far more than just your typical trash people hired to work for a public municipality. They have a job that requires skill and commitment, and they are pros at what they do. Here are a few facts about junk removal businesses.


Facts About a Quality Junk Removal Business

Their Rates are Affordable

The first fact to consider is that they have affordable rates. There are a few different criteria that these companies will use to figure out what to charge you, with the most common criterion being the actual size of the load. So, for instance, if you’re hiring one of these companies to haul your garbage away, you will not be paying a lot of money unless you have a really large load of junk that needs to be removed. It will still cost you more than what you pay with your taxes to ensure a public pickup, but it’s not some specialty expense that’s going to break the bank. Plus, many companies could be willing to adjust their prices for consistent or large amounts of work, depending on the circumstances.


They Handle Residential or Commercial

Another fact about quality garbage removal companies is that they deal in both residential and commercial applications. For households, people will generally call these companies to haul away occasional loads, such as old furniture or electronics, and other sorts of junk that the public service is not going to take on a weekly basis. For commercial situations, however, the services of these companies may be required on a regular basis. Commercial businesses like restaurants may need a service to come in and get rid of that garbage. The best junk removal businesses do handle residential jobs, but they’re more set up to handle commercial waste.


They Handle the Big Jobs

These companies also handle really big jobs. You might think that for big jobs, that’s when the public service comes in and takes care of things, but the private businesses are actually in a better position to do these jobs. They can bring multiple trucks and other equipment to the scene if they need to, and they are set up to specialize in things like commercial waste cleanup for construction sites and other hazardous sorts of settings where multiple loads of junk that have to be cleaned and hauled away.

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They’re Eco-Friendly

The reason these junk removal businesses are so great at commercial jobs is that they know how to handle the waste that they’re removing. As touched on briefly above, these people aren’t just flinging bags into some giant hole to be covered up later. They know all about the processes of recycling and disposing of waste that will not negatively impact the environment and its delicate ecosystems. So, when you contract a professional junk removal business, you’re also helping the environment by ensuring that your waste isn’t going to cause any harm.


They’re the Professionals

Junk removal companies have the equipment and labour force necessary to haul away unwanted belongings. This means vehicles that are large enough to carry lots of trash. Furthermore, it also means knowledgeable workers who understand how to maximize the space available and work safely while lifting, moving or carrying heavy objects. This professionalism even extends to the driver of the vehicle, who has training and information on proper operation of a vehicle while carrying heavy loads.


They Can Be Passionate

Many people get into junk removal not for the paycheque, but out of a genuine interest in removing trash. A lot of people believe in the old adage of “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” So, it is easy for some garbage collectors to do just that, collect. Here are some of the methods people use to find more value in “junk:”

  • Removing precious metals from electronics and mechanical devices
  • Reselling used tires and rubbers
  • Anything to do with the thrifting industry
  • Collect particular items, like magnets, posters, tools, etc.
  • Artistic creations, including dresses and sculptures
  • Household item replacements, such as DIY crafts
  • Training
  • Housing materials for earthships


And so much more that could extend this list indefinitely. But the garbage removalists can sometimes do much more than simply drop off the material at the landfill. Though many companies do just that, which is perfect for anyone looking to get rid of some extra stuff.

It’s easy for people to think that a junk removal business just shows up and tips your trash cans, much like the public service, but there’s so much more that goes into professional, eco-friendly waste removal than that. The right company can handle your waste needs, whatever they may be, and they can do it with the right attitude, friendly & knowledgeable staff, competitive pricing and a whole bunch of other fantastic benefits. Make sure you see how great garbage disposal can be!


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