The Ultimate Guide to Miami

With the coronavirus pandemic affecting tourism, people are opting for travelling within the country instead of travelling abroad. Besides, most countries are still closed for international tourism such as France, Thailand, and Italy. Although some countries like Turkey and the Bahamas are still open to tourists, there is no better place to travel to than Miami. This guide covers all the hottest places that you need to check out for an amazing time. There is just something about the city that charms even the most stubborn of visitors. Besides, according to Scott Cooper Miami, the Magic City has become the next fashion capital. Thus, if you are looking for the best time in this spectacular city, this guide is just what you need to read. Let’s take a look at the top places that you need to visit when in Miami.

  1. Miami Beach

The first thing that people think about when they hear the word Miami is the iconic Miami Beach. There is simply no other beach in the world that is as beautiful. This sunny beach has got it all. If you are looking for a beach getaway, it is the place to visit. Let the sun shine on your body while you get a tan at this fantastic destination. Soak up on some of those rays while you take in everything the city has to offer. The beach is actually located on an island.

  1. Jungle Island

If you are looking for more of an adventure, Jungle Island is just the place that you need to visit. No trip to Miami is complete without exploring this beauty. To visit the Jungle Island, you need to head over to Watson Island. Even Winston Churchill has visited this island. Hence, you have no reason to not visit. Besides, it is only minutes away from Downtown Miami and South Beach. Visitors to the Jungle Island are enthralled by its sense of discovery and adventure. Adrenaline junkies will find it to be the ideal place to have a great time.

  1. The Art Deco District

Those of you who enjoy the world of art will feel like at home at the Art Deco District. It offers a hint of 1930’s nostalgia. There are plenty of restored buildings in the district that will allow you to learn more about the history of this mega city. If you are in the Miami Beach area, there is no excuse for not visiting the Art Deco District. There is always something happening in this part of the city. Hence, you will find a great deal of entertainment options to keep you busy. Moreover, the pastel painted buildings offer the perfect backdrop for your next Instagram post. Alternatives, you can shop till you drop at the district. Then, you can head over to a delicious eatery to grab a bite. The district comes to life once it gets dark as the neon signs start to light.

  1. Bay Side Marketplace

Anyone looking for more of a high-end experience should explore the Bay Side Marketplace. It has got it all. There are more than 150 tourist shops, restaurants, and cafes that will satisfy all your desires. There are many famous chain stores that you will come across as well as charming boutiques at this extraordinary outdoor-styled mall. The mall is located right along the waterfront. The lively atmosphere is just where you need to head to recharge your energy. Admire the bay and listen to the daily music while you walk along this trendy part of town.

  1. Zoo Miami

Animal lovers can rejoice by buying a ticket to Zoo Miami. It houses over 2,000 wild animals. See animals in their natural habitat by visiting this world-class zoo. It offers a real safari experience which is like none other. The cage-free environment and open-air exhibits are just out of this world. Zoo visitors will also get to see endangered wildlife in real life. Interaction with animals is encouraged at the zoo. Thus, if you are travelling with little ones, it is the destination that you need to take them to. There are even camel rides at the zoo.

  1. Little Havana

Cubans have inspired the city of Miami more than any other nationality. Experience Cuban flavour at Little Havana as it is the place to visit when in Miami. Besides, the variety of entertainment options will keep you going. There are various open air social areas that house specialty food shops and restaurants. If you want to eat Cuban food, Little Havana has got you covered. The non-stop live Latin music is just heavenly. Drift your mind to the beat of the music and immerse yourself in the local culture by watching the street art.

  1. Miami Science Museum

Bring out the nerd in you at the Miami Science Museum. There are just so many interactive exhibits at the museum that offer a truly immersive experience. A wide range of scientific fields are covered here including chemistry, biology, and physics. The museum was established back in 1950 and has grown considerably over the years. It has expanded significantly and is home to just about everything that a true science nerd would want to check out. The fresh themes of the museum keep things interesting.

  1. Freedom Tower

The Freedom Tower is a real work of art. There is just something about the tower that sucks you in. It was built back in 1925 and played a huge role as it was the immigration processing center that helped make room for thousands of Cuban refugees who entered the country. It stands as a tribute to the Cuban populace. Being the oldest skyscraper in the Southern Eastern part of the United States, it pays homage to the architectural prowess of a time long gone by.



Once you have gone over this guide, you will be able to prepare an itinerary for your next trip to Miami. Even if it is your first time visiting, the guide covers all the essentials.


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