Top 3 Healthy Treats For Your Dog!

Treats are considered as one of the best ways to motivate your dog when it comes to training. It acts as a reward and as a sense of love for your dog. When you are training your dog continuously, make sure that you reduce the amount of canned or kibble food to ten percent so that, your dog doesn’t over feed itself and also make sure that the treat you are giving your dog is one of the best and healthiest. In this article, you will get to know about the top three healthy treats for your dog. Let’s get you started.

American journey – oven baked:

If you are looking for a healthy treat, then American journey’s oven baked treats is one of the best. Your dog won’t be able to resist this crunchy and delicious treat. This treat is healthy and affordable so you will feel good knowing that you are giving your dog a treat which is healthy and reasonable, both at the same time! This treat is available in the form of lamb, carrots, sweet potatoes, pumpkins, blueberries and apples. This treat has a very high rating. Most of the dogs who are picky when it comes to eating, their owners are giving them this treat and the dogs are quite happy about it!

Dream bones – churro style mini sticks:

When it comes to training your dog, you might go through treats quickly, buy them and later on regret buying them because they are not tasty and are quite expensive. That’s the only reason I would recommend this dog treat to you because it is not only healthy but affordable as well. Not just that but unlike other treats, this treat can be cut in to half and in to bite sized pieces which is best in the training period. It is made up of vegetables, chicken and with a touch of cinnamon, making it one of the best treat for your dog!

Ava’s pet palace – salmon snacks:

If you want to increase the nutrient level in your dog, feed your dog salmon. When it comes to feeding salmon, I would recommend you Ava’s salmon snacks because this treat contains only one ingredient, and that is Alaskan salmon. This high quality treat arrives in both, skin or scales on the salmon. It should be refrigerated and opened when you are about to give your dog a treat for maximum freshness. As compared to other treats, this one is a bit expensive. This treat is also packed with omega-3 fatty acids which boosts your dog’s immune system and will prevent your dog from having any sort of disease. Not just that but it also helps in maintaining their coat, shiny and lush.

Treats play an important part in your dog’s training because with treats, you can make your dog perform any behavior. The key is to buy the best and the healthiest treat. Make sure that you buy the treats mentioned above because they are the best and the healthiest!


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