The Best Scooters of 2019

Are you looking for the best scooters in 2019? Then you have come to the right place because this post looks at the best scooters of 2019. If want to buy a scooter online, then you need to check out the Fast & Furious scootershop as it is the best online platform for all things scooters. Browse through the various scooters available on the website to find out the one you want or get one of the best scooters mentioned in this post.



Ever since its launch, the Honda Activa has ruled over the scooter market. It is a powerful scooter that comes at an affordable price. The fifth-generation scooter competes with all major two-wheeler brands and has a lot to offer. Powered by a 109.19 CC engine, it is just what you need.


TVS Jupiter Scooter

This 109 CC engine powered scooter is one of the highest-selling scooters. It’s multiple vibrant colors and design makes it stand out in the market. The TVS Jupiter Scooter is made for both men and women. It offers many useful features which make your life so much easier.



The Hero Destini 125 is a 124.6 CC engine powered scooter. It is a premium scooter which is equipped with various premium features. Its’ sporty design had made it a huge success. With a single-cylinder engine that offers 10.2Nm of torque and 8.7bhp, it is just the scooter you need. Other features include an integrated braking system, an external fuel filler cap, and a digital-analog instrument cluster.


HONDA DIO Scooters

Honda is one of the best scooter providers out there and the Honda Dio scooter is a testament to this. The model has a 109.19 CC engine. Originally targeting the youth, the Honda Dio Scooter has a lot to offer in terms of looks and convenience.


Yamaha Ray-Z Scooter

Yamaha is a name that just about everyone knows. The Yamaha Ray-Z scooter has a 113 CC engine and an attractive look. It is a light scooter that had earlier targeted women but is more universal. Offering a maximum peak torque output of 8Nm and a power output of 7bhp, it is an obvious choice for people looking for a classic scooter.


TVS WEGO Scooter

The TVS Wego scooter features body balance technology. It is a practical choice. With a 110 CC powered engine, you can never go wrong with this scooter. The variety of colors that this model comes in will blow your mind. Adequate under-seat storage will make your life a lot easier. Carry more things as you go about your day traveling on a TVS Wego scooter.

Moreover, the scooter also comes with a sync-brake system that engages both brakes whenever a lever is pulled. Thus, it is a convenient option. The scooter also has a single-cylinder air-cooled engine that offers 8Nm of torque and a maximum output of 8bhp. Claiming a mileage of 70 KM, TVS Wego can make your travels a lot more exciting.


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