8 Cool Gift Ideas For Your First Wedding Anniversary

Buying anniversary gifts for your significant other can be extremely stressful no matter how much time goes on, but for most, there’s added pressure surrounding the first anniversary. 

This is the time where you set a president about the types of gifts you’ll give each other for anniversaries to come. 

These decisions include deciding whether you’ll stick to the traditional anniversary themes, picks items that relate to your relationship, or simply choose things that your other half will like. 

This gift was created with all three eventualities in mind to help you reduce crucial stress in the lead up to the anniversary of your special day.


Levenger 5-Year Journal 

For those following traditional gifts, the first anniversary is paper, and what better way to celebrate than gifting them a 5-year journal?

This journal, which was also featured on CoolThingChicago’s best birthday gift ideas guide here, is the perfect way to record important memories from the next 5 years of your relationship.

With 11 lines for each date from January-December, and extra for special occasions, there’s enough room that your significant other could also recount their own personal memories in the space provided, too. 


Twinkle In Time Custom Star Map 

For traditionalists looking for a sentimental gift, there’s no better option than this customizable star map from Twinkle In Time.

Created for many different occasions, these maps can be completely personalized to show the stars exactly as they were on a specific date and location. You can also accompany this with a personalized message of your choosing.

Although the way you personalize this is completely up to you, it might be a good idea to celebrate your first anniversary by referencing your wedding day with this picture. It could then, as a permanent reminder of your relationship, be hung with pride in a focal part of your home. 


Wedding Anniversary Book 

This anniversary book is great if you’re looking to gift a keepsake, as the beautifully decorated pages allow you to track your anniversaries from your 1st to your 50th. 

Throughout each year of celebration, you can share key details about how the anniversary went, as well as sharing memories from the years you’ve been married.

Some of the features in this book include a “then & now” photo slot, an opportunity for you to talk about how your family has grown, and letters from husband to wife and vice versa. 


Kool 8 Bottle

For those desperate to give their significant other something for their anniversary that isn’t sentimental but will still serve as a reminder of the special occasion, this Kool 8 bottle is the perfect option.

Created using stainless steel materials with double-insulated walls to maximize its thermal capabilities, this bottle will last your significant other a long time before needing to be replaced.

In addition to this, it can also be a great way to reduce your combined carbon footprint and also save money by avoiding disposable plastic bottles in the long run, allowing you more money to spend on things that really matter. 


Indoor S’mores Maker

The first year following marriage can often seem like it’s disappeared in an instant. 

Between work commitments and spending quality time with those around you, ensuring you spend time together can be forgotten very quickly.

If you’d like to get some of the honeymoon period back, investing in this S’mores Maker might be the perfect option.

The good news is that you won’t even need to leave the house to make use of this item, as it comes with everything you could possibly need to create the campfire classic from the comfort of your own sofa. 


Blanket Sweatshirt

Although this definitely isn’t the most sentimental gift on our list, it is one of the coolest, especially if your significant other is a sucker for movie nights on the couch. 

Having gained popularity in the last year, the Sherpa material can be worn as an oversized sweatshirt, and also be transformed into a comfortable blanket when necessary. 

If you purchase this gift for your female significant other who steals your sweaters, you have the added bonus of owning what you buy once she finally has a comfortable oversized sweater of her own. 


Omron HeartGuide 

As the years go on, more people are becoming concerned about their health, and with advancing technologies, our ability to keep an eye on this is increasing.

If your significant other is someone who’d be interested in doing this, the Omron HeartGuide, listed as the best pedometer on the market in 2019 by HealthCareWeekly, could be the perfect anniversary present. 

Not only will this device help to count their steps and overall distance traveled, but it will also take constant blood pressure measures, and tell them how many calories they have burned. It won’t stop working when they sleep, either, providing largely accurate data on things including sleeping pattern and the quality of said sleep on a nightly basis.


Hands Casting Keepsake Kit 

If you want to throw the traditionalist rule book out the window while still sticking to the sentimental theme, this hand casting keepsake kit offers the perfect compromise.

Not only is it thoughtful in nature, but it’s designed to get you both involved in the creation process, giving you an excuse to spend some well-deserved quality time together.

Once hardened, this unique creation will then become a display of the commitment you made to one another on your wedding day and a permanent reminder of your love for one another during the difficult times.



We believe that no matter how you celebrate key events with your significant other, you deserve to share gifts that represent your relationship well. 

This is why we have provided a varied list of cool gifts that vary from traditionalist ideas to more modern views. 

With the vast options in this list, it’s almost impossible not to find something your significant other will have enjoyed, so we hope to have helped you on your mission to find the perfect first wedding anniversary present. 


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