The average price of a CCTV camera

With the rising trend in home surveillance and installation of hidden security cameras nearly everywhere, the security camera industry is aiming for new and improvised prices as well as models of cameras to meet the needs of people. The average estimated cost of security installation is about $1400.

When it comes to specificity in the type of cameras, CCTV is a security type favourite. These range typically from $650 to about $2000. Where the wired systems are less expensive, the wireless parts are heavy on the pocket. But the good news is that installation of any type of home security systems works as a discount in your home insurance- so it’s a win-win situation.


CCTV Installation Costs

The past years have developed reasonable security camera options to make them affordable for most people. Where the average CCTV installation costs about $1500, the installation costs can vary concerning the type of CCTV cameras, the location, the professionalism of the installers and the number of cameras being installed. On top of equipment costs, each camera is expected to cost you around $100 to $200 for professional installation. The type of CCTV cameras include the specifications they carry, and these specification distinguish their prices. The features include indoor and outdoor cameras, type of storage, motion sensor availability, electric or solar battery, wireless or wired etc. Most people think that the cost of equipment may include the cost of installation as well, but this idea may vary. Most suppliers offer discount packages on providing equipment with installation services, but in case these are separate, they will cost you a significant amount.


The Different Costs for Different Types of CCTV Installation

Different CCTV cameras have different features and are installed for different purposes. The prices mentioned below are just an estimate to give you an idea about installing good cameras professionally, and what it will cost you.

  • Standard Vandal Resistant CCTV Dome Camera/ Infra-Red Night Vision Feature: $40
  • High-resolution CCTV dome/ Colour Daytime Imaging Feature: $45
  • Indoor CCTV dome with High-Resolution Technology: $50
  • Indoor Sony CCD Image Sensor/ Superior Image Quality: $50
  • Indoor Sony CCD Camera/ Varifocal Lens Technology: $55
  • Ultra-High-Resolution CCTV camera, with Night-Vision and Wall-Mount Feature: $60
  • Internally-mounted CCTV camera with Super HD Technology: $70


Factors that Affect the Cost

CCTV camera are regularly developed and improvised for better security coverage. Upgrade is required to meet your security needs. An absence of upgrades might end up making your camera footage too old after years or two or may deprive you of necessary information. This is why upgrades are important to keep up with latest camera angles, motion sensors, light detection features etc. The upgrades might cost you money, but nothing is more precious than safety, isn’t that true? Upgrades in wide angle, weather proofing, concealing of cameras can affect the total cost of CCTV cameras. Installation is not the only job, maintaining them is the key as well. So, wherever you need more cameras, or upgraded storage, do not hesitate to save and buy an upgraded version, available on kamere za video nadzor.



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