All About the IP Camera

You must have heard of IP cameras and their relevance to home security; this is the reason why the industry has rapidly blossomed in just a few years. Many people are still lacking on information regarding what an IP camera is and how it works, but here you can get the complete idea of how the IP bezbednosne solucije work.


What is an IP Camera?

IP Camera, which is short for Internet Protocol Camera is basically a digital video camera which is similar to a webcam in many ways. It helps you in transmitting and receiving the data over any network, or even internet. Unlike your normal webcam, the IP camera is an independent unit that has the capacity to connect to a network easily just like a printer or laptop.


How does an IP Camera Work?

IP camera work pretty much the same as regular digital camera, but they have an edge as they compress the files to transmit over the network. These files are used by IP camera over a wired network connected through ethernet cable or routers, or even through Wi-Fi routers. A lot of people are confused while setting up the IP camera, but mainly it requires nothing more than a network connection and a little time for camera configuration. You can check the manual of your IP camera as well and view various other options like continuous recording, scheduled time operation etc.


Advantages of an IP Camera

One of the best things about using an IP camera is that the picture quality is amazing and can be viewed anywhere around the globe whether it’s your phone or laptop or else. This also paves the way to offer you the option of video footage and audio as well, because the cameras can be controlled remotely. IP camera solutions are convenient because they require just a network to work. Apart form this, one of the IP camera benefits is that they can be relocated anywhere you want, so you don’t need another hefty installation.

IP cameras are excellent for indoor as well as outdoor usage and work amazingly well in night as they do in the daylight. You can easily zoom in or pan via remote, which is why it is a perfect solution for your home security needs.


IP Camera Vs. CCTV

So many people mix up the concept of IP cameras for security and CCTV cameras. They might seem a lot like each other, but the truth is that they are different in a lot of ways. IP cameras are far more reliable when it comes to comparison with CCTV cameras. Some might argue over this fact on the cost, but the initial cost is really an investment looking at the long-term advantages it has for your home security. The security camera industry I continuously striving to produce better and advanced versions of the cameras, but till now, IP cameras are a little ahead of CCTV cameras in the security surveillance game.


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