Swimming Goggles – How To Choose Them

Water lovers can spend long hours swimming and enjoying what they most like to do. But in order to offer the best effort, they must have goggles to swim, that offer the best vision, so they can know where to go. Swimming is a recreational activity that allows you to release a great amount of stress and energy, without forgetting the excellent benefits it offers to the whole organism. There are many people who carry out this activity.


From the moment you decide that you are going to start swimming, you must purchase different accessories to ensure success in the water. The goggles to swim, is one of the first that must be chosen, because it is the first one that is required when one is going to enter the water, a good vision.

The right moment to acquire them is just when the first step has been taken and it is known that swimming will be the activity you are going to practice. It doesn’t matter if it is a practice done only in swimming pools or in open water, since they are used to see well under the water and to protect the eyes from irritation and discomfort.

Swimming goggles have not changed much since they were actually used only a short time ago compared to the time swimming has been practiced. Swimming was officially declared a sport at the beginning of the 19th century. Swimming goggles were first appreciated in 1911, thanks to the swimmer Thomas William Burgess.

The first goggles for swimming were created by this important swimmer, who showed the great utility that this accessory had for the swimmer. He was the second man to be able to cross the channel of the stain and he did it exactly the day he put on his goggles in order to have a better performance.

The use of goggles to swim in open water, began to have great importance among swimmers, but it took a few years before it was decided that goggles could be used in swimming pools. This is an accessory that no swimmer should really miss, as it guarantees that they can offer the best of themselves, regardless of whether they are in a pool or swimming in open water.

Since goggles were first used for swimming, different aspects have been improved to make the swimmer’s experience superior, they have been improved to offer better vision and greater protection when diving. It is certain that for no swimmer is comfortable when the water begins to enter the goggles preventing to see.

Which goggles should be used, according to the place of training?

This is a point that must be taken into account when acquiring accessories, goggles are of vital importance, whether practicing in open water or in swimming pools, each of the goggles used in either of the two situations, have characteristics that differentiate them. These differences are quite marked and of course have their good reasons.

Goggles for open water

These specially designed for swimming in the sea or triathlons, these goggles exclusively designed to offer their carrier a vision of 180 degrees, to have a better peripheral vision and cover much of the face. The most recommended for this specialty are the polycarbonate goggles, with polarized crystals, which improve the experience of the swimmer.


Goggles for swimming pools

These are a little smaller and protect the eyes very well, do not need to have such a large field of vision. But you can find goggles with different colors to ensure that the rays of light are not annoying to the eye and you can count on a good performance.


How to choose the right color for goggles?

You can find different colors in the goggles for swimming, this is because each brings some kind of improvement to the visual field of the swimmer. In addition to improving the field of vision, they should be selected according to the type of activity to be performed, ie whether it is outdoors or in swimming pools.

Yellow or blue goggles: when swimming in a pool they are perfect, as they prevent the lighting in the pool from affecting visibility. Both colors are perfect to be used inside the pool. Which one to choose between these two colors is only left to the user.
Transparent goggles: can be used regardless of whether the training is done in open water or in swimming pools. They are perfect to be used when the light is poor as it can happen in the night trainings.
Polarized goggles: they are mainly used in outdoor practices. As they are dark, they prevent light from disturbing the user’s eyesight, which allows for better performance.



The two most popular types of goggles are:

Swedish: they are the most traditional, these goggles have been used by almost all, you can find them with different colors and different sizes depending on the need of the swimmer.
Silicone: Silicone goggles are also widely used, are comfortable, do not leave any mark on the face and the best thing is that you can find different colors, being able to be used in any type of training.

If you practice this sport throughout your life, there are many goggles that will be used to maximize the training received and if you attend a competition can increase the performance offered. It is recommended to all swimmers to have their goggles for training and specific ones to be used only in competitions.


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