Pros and Cons of Kratom

Kratom has quickly become extremely popular in recent times. Although it has been used for hundreds of years in South East Asia, it is now being used in the West too. Known for its pain alleviating benefits, Kratom is a widely sold over-the-counter drug. Kratom has been faced its fair deal of controversy. It is being widely researched by scientists for its many benefits. Kratom is a tree that is found in South East Asian countries namely Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Papua New Guinea, and, Myanmar. Its leaves are crushed and used as a powder. Users of the Kratom powder experience an opiate-like high. This post looks at the pros and cons of Kratom.

Pros of Kratom

The following are some of the pros of Kratom.

  • Analgesic Effects: Kratom is well-known for its ability to relieve pain, especially when it comes to chronic pain. Even though Kratom is a natural product, it is a potent analgesic. Most users of Kratom have had success coping with Lyme, arthritis, fibromyalgia, and other chronic conditions due to the analgesic properties of Kratom.
  • Relaxing Effects: Another great benefit of Kratom is that it has relaxing effects. People with anxiety can use Kratom to calm their mind, relieve stress, and promote sleep. Due to the relaxing effects of Kratom, one would experience increased sociability which makes it an ideal choice for anyone that has social anxiety.
  • Mood Boosting Effects: Kratom has euphoric effects. It promotes a sense of wellbeing and happiness. Patients suffering from depression can buy bulk kratom for sale to treat their condition. The white and green strains of Kratom tend to be the most effective.
  • Boosts Energy Levels: If you are having trouble with a lack of energy and experience fatigue, then, you should use Kratom as it has stimulating properties that boost your energy levels. Thus, you will get the energy boost needed to perform certain tasks. A great thing about Kratom is that it does make you jittery like caffeine.
  • Effective For Opiate Withdrawals: Opioid addiction is a serious issue. Kratom offers an effective way to deal with opiate withdrawals. It helps users cope with opioids craving.

Cons of Kratom

Just like any other drug, there are a few cons of consuming Kratom. However, one should keep in mind that these cons are more apparent when you take a high dose. Otherwise, the unpleasant side effects with not kick in. It is vital that you find out how to properly use Kratom and take the right dose. The following are some of the cons of Kratom.

  • Constipation: Too much of Kratom intake will lead to constipation. You can eat many fruits and vegetables to avoid it.
  • Dehydration: Kratom might cause dehydration. You should drink a ton of water to fight it.
  • Dizziness: A higher dose of Kratom may cause dizziness.


The pros of Kratom easily outweigh the cons. Besides, if you consume Kratom in moderation, then, chances of the side-effects would be close to none.


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