How to Clear IPTV Cache?

Are you looking for a way to clear IPTV cache in order for it to work faster? Then, this post is just for you as it will help you clear IPTV cache in no time. To use IPTV, you need to use a device such as the Amazon Fire Stick. It allows you to access different channels. Chances are that the device not only lets you stream live services such as Shop IPTV or DirecTV Now, but also platforms such as Hulu and Netflix, and provides you access to apps.

Generally, a smart box is used for accessing IPTV channels. To use the smart box, it has to be plugged into the back of the TV. Before you move on with the IPTV clear cache process, it is important for you to consider whether your television is outdated or not. Using a new television will make the entire IPTV experience a lot better. Now, when you use the smart box for some time, you will notice that it gets slower. This is why you will need to clear the IPTV cache to ensure that it performs at optimal speed.


What Is Cache Memory?

It is vital that you understand what cache memory is. It is the dedicated space that the device such as the smart box uses for storing all the information that is repeatedly accessed. The storage makes the app load a lot faster and going through different processes a breeze. For instance, if you have used Google Chrome or any other browser, you will notice that it stores your information which makes it easier for it to load websites. The cache is similar to this. However, it is technically lighter and more rapid. But, when you use the application for quite some time, it will end up storing a ton of data that would slow down the device. Hence, you will need to clear the cache memory from time to time to make sure that it frees up space for faster performance.


Clear IPTV Cache

Before you get started, check to ensure that the TV is on TV mode and the HDMI input is in its place. It will allow you to access the TV settings which will help you clear IPTV cache. The following steps need to be followed to clear IPTV cache.

On the remote control, start with the HOME button.

Choose the SETTINGS icon.

Depending on the TV you use, you will either need to choose Apps > See All Apps > Show System Apps or choose Apps.

Next step, select the preferred app from the system apps.

Find and select the “clear cache”.

Now, simply choose “clear data”, and press ok.

And as a final step CLEAR ALL DATA and confirm.

That is about it. Now, your IPTV will load faster.



Clear IPTV cache is simple and takes seconds. Make sure to follow the steps mentioned in this post and have no trouble clearing IPTV cache.


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