How to Find a Job in London

London is a city that is in a league of its own. It is home to the British royal family and is the most populous city in England. There is opportunity abound in London and whether you are looking for a job or are dreaming of making it big, everything is possible in London. This post will help you find a job in London. Now, obviously finding a job depends on the type of job that one is seeking. The following steps will come in handy to land you a job in the land of dreams.

  1. Write an Exceptional CV

The first and most important thing that you need to do in order to find a job in London is write an exceptional CV. A CV is the first thing that employers read about you and it is up to you to write a CV that is powerful enough to convince the employer to call you in, for an interview. When writing a CV, you need to write one which has been tailored towards the employer and industry. This will help improve your chances of getting a call for an interview.

  1. Update Your LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn is widely used in London in order to get a job. Londoners are known for their super polished LinkedIn profiles. Therefore, make sure to update your LinkedIn profile and include all those recommendations, skills and talents that you possess. It is only these that will help you get called in for an interview. Employers have started to rely on LinkedIn and it is your job to have a convincing LinkedIn profile.

  1. Find a Recruitment Agency

Recruitment agencies are extremely helpful when it comes to finding a job in London. They have contacts and know the key players in an industry. The experience that recruitment agencies have can come in handy as they know all the insights of the industry and what employers want. A good agency would meet with you and discuss all the career prospects. You will also get to practice for an initial interview which will prove to be useful later on.

  1. Apply For Jobs Using Job Websites

There are plenty of job websites that job seekers can use to apply for their desired position. Websites such as Glass Door and Monster Jobs are some of the best. Majority of the employers in London use job websites to hire talent. In addition to these, JustLondonJobs.com is a great platform which job seekers can use to learn more about finding a job in London.

  1. Get In Touch With the Prospective Employer

One of the things which you should know about is that only 30 percent of positions are actually advertised, and the remaining 70 percent are filled through networking, word of mouth and promotion. Employers do not always use traditional methods for hiring. This is why you should contact your desired employer and enquire about a vacancy. Chances are that if a vacancy opens up, the employer would contact you.


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