How to effectively plan for the Gamsat?

In order for students to ace the gamsat, they need to plan effectively for it. As the saying goes “Failing to plan is planning to fail.” which is why you need to actually plan for the test beforehand. Simply reading textbooks and taking notes is not sufficient to get the desired marks. Many students waste a lot of time just reading the text book and taking notes while going back and forth highlighting the concepts using different colors.


Make an Effective Plan

If you want to succeed and make the most of your time going through the recommended gamsat books then you need to make an effective plan for dividing up the workload into topics. Focus most on doing the questions and allocate plenty of time for this task. If there is something which you do not understand, just go back to it and go through the resources.


Smart Read

The plan should emphasize smart reading which deals with reading the far more targeted areas efficiently. Obviously, if one is just starting out, then they will need to start with the basics to get a stronger grip on the topics.


Cover Certain Amount of Topics Every Week

You need to aim for covering a certain amount of concepts or topics every week. Work to cover the topics, instead of thinking about studying for a certain amount of time. Cover all of the material and cement all of the concepts within a period of 1 to 2 months prior to sitting for the gamsat. The final last 2 months leading up to the exam should be used for working on your strategy, timing and brushing on all of the weak areas and more.


Plan to Get a Grip on the Basics

When majority of the students first attempt some of the official ACER materials and preparation courses, they find it to be too difficult and might feel despondent. However, there is no need to despair because al you need to do is work at it and get to the level prescribed by gamsat. Besides, it will better prepare you for the life at university. The basics need to be mastered. Due to the usage of scientific language, the gamsat might appear to be harder than it actually is.

Knowing all of the basic concepts such as using scientific notation and logs, naming and drawing organic structures, and understanding all of the general scientific terms will help you apply your knowledge to difficult problems and solve them. Work on your basics first.


Understand the Gamsat

The gamsat requires you to master timing, strategy and keeping your nerves under control. Obviously, it is required to know a lot of the knowledge and science language to attempt all the three sections. But, applying your knowledge and skills under pressure is vital. Students should practice at least one full gamsat test to understand it better and work under the testing conditions. Make your dream of studying at a prestigious medical institution come true with a plan in place.


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