Review of The DJI X7

The DJI X7 is the new game changer when it comes to drone cameras. With its excellent graphics and interchangeable lens, the X7 comes with a big price; ten thousand dollars. Where it might seem like too much hearing at first, the price tag is justifiable when it comes to the amazing features and elements of DJI X7. For this price, you get a 6K camera with four lenses, and an Inspire 2 (which is necessary to this camera). This review tells you all about the pros and cons of the X7.

Four Amazing Lenses

The DJI X7 comes with a set of four lenses. These are for the photographer’s convenience and for better quality photos. The lenses for any drone should ideally be lightweight and the sizes should be medium to small so that there is no imbalance and inconvenience when it comes to taking photos with the drone camera. All four lenses for X7 are specially designed with similar size and weight for a better experience. It can be very helpful with the lenses when it comes to capturing from different focal lengths. You can get the same shot from multiple angles.



  • A little problem found in the DJI X7 drone camera lies in it’s adjustment and setting. During the attachment of lenses, you can feel an alarming sound almost like it is going to break or is wrong. This happens because of the terminal connection for controlling the lens; which makes a noise. You can almost feel like attaching the lens by force.
  • The second issue in the drone camera concerns the lack of recording ability to SSD without a microSD card. The SSD will not work if there is no SD card, or in case the SD card is full.


  • The camera works efficiently in low light and darkness. It keeps the intensity of the sky even in the shadow of trees and keeps the picture bright as well.
  • The DJI X7 has almost fourteen stops of dynamic range. That is a jaw dropping number for a drone camera.
  • Videography quality. The camera works amazingly well when it comes to capturing dynamics of sceneries and portraits.

Final Thoughts and Recommendations

The DJI X7 is one of the most efficient and unique cameras in the market. This camera requires a gimbal to work as a drone, so it cannot be compared to the works and features of other tools or cameras. For instance, if we take a super 35 image sensor with a 6K camera, the DJI X7 comes above the results. And that too for ten thousand dollars, where the other sets are fairly above this price range. Getting a larger camera might seem like a better option to you. But will you get the aerial shots you need? Will the gimble come along in your budget? It seems less likely.

So, in simpler words we can say that yes, the DJI X7 is expensive, but is it worth the price? Definitely Yes.


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