How Do EMF protections Work?

When it comes to your health, remember this, prevention is always better than cure. We usually treat our bodies very roughly. Everything is running smoothly and one second later, you have to go to the nearest hospital just because a problem occurred. Most of these problems can be avoided easily if you change a bit of routine and mindset towards regular care and maintenance of your body. Some of these problems can be invisible and one of them is EMF, electromagnetic field radiation pollution. In this article, you will get to know about how does EMF works. Let’s get you started!

What is EMF radiation?

In the modern era, we carry a lot of electromagnetic devices with us which can cause a lot of damage to your body. In most of the cases, you don’t even know what type of damage these electromagnetic radiation is causing. All of this EMF radiation emits from devices such as mobile phones, television, computers, tablets etc.

EMF radiation is produced when electrically charged waves are moving around space and transmitting signals to a device and developing electromagnetic charge around a source. The radiation within the magnetic field depends on the frequency of the waves. The longer the wave, the shorter the radiation and vice versa.

Effects of EMF radiation:

Artificial EMF waves which emit from your mobile phone includes ELF, also known as extremely low frequency radiation and along with it, it emits radio frequency radiation. When all of these emissions combine, they cause heat radiation which can then cause toasted skin syndrome. Apart from this, many other biological effects can happen. EMF radiation, according to a research, can penetrate the body on a cellular level and also fragment DNA.

Other effects include rashes, itching, neurological and several other behavioral effects. It can also have an effect on your fertility. EMF radiation has been recognized as a dangerous radiation by World Health Organization.

According to a research, keeping your mobile phone in your pocket can decrease your sperm count as well.


Types of EMF protection:

There is always a solution to every problem. To prevent yourself from EMF radiation, you can use EMF protection:


If you eliminate the number of EMF sources from your surroundings, it can be a great way to start. You can relate this with an example, a swamp of bees can hurt you but a single bee cannot do much. Try to eliminate as much EMF sources from your vicinity you can.

Increase your distance:

You should keep devices which emit EMF far away from your body. A safe distance will make sure that you don’t get effected with the radiation.

Time limit:

Set a time limit for using devices. Limiting the time or setting a time limit reduce your exposure to EMF radiation.

Wired devices:

By wiring your mouse, keyboard, speakers or headphones, you will be able to reduce the amount of radio frequency you are exposed to.

You must always choose your health first. If you want to increase your knowledge and prevent yourself from EMF radiation, check out EMF Assure. Taking precautionary measure will help you not get exposed to these radiations!


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