Blue Opal Gemstones – The Perfect Gift !

Blue opals is one of the most popular mineraloids in the market today. This gem is also known as fire opal and why it is called so, will be explained in the following article.

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So let’s start.


What is Blue Opal?

Blue opal derives its name from a spectrum of bluish colourations ranging from pale blue sky to deep dark ocean blue. The classic opal may exhibit various hues of blue in one stone but does not actually display a play of colour. That’s why it falls under the category of “common opals”. The most well known regions to produce such solid blue colours are Peru and Oregon. They are also found in open cast mines in the highlands of Mexico and small deposits have been found in Brazil as well.

A popular yet unofficial name for blue opal is Blue Fire Opal. While you may or may not find distinct flashes of red or other warm hues, it is reasonable to see how the name blue-fire applies to that gemstone. The cool hues and blue tinge invokes images of icy-cold flames of turquoise, blue and green.


What do Fire Opals contain?

All opals have a silica base supporting transparency. They are made out of hydrated amorphous silica. This means that unlike black opal, this crystal is hosted by different rocks rather than depositing into basalt or fossil.

It has relatively a higher water content and varies in hardness from 5.5 to 6.5. It is softer and is most likely to get dulled or damaged if affected by heat.


Healing properties of Blue Opal

Yes it’s true. This amazing stone has healing powers to make you feel relaxed and out of stress. It is effective for the lower back and abdomen, alleviating PMS symptoms and other factors regarding female reproduction.

It also maintains balance in the adrenal glands and filters your kidneys preventing stones development. It also assists in removing your third eye’s blockade and gives you a relieving and refreshing sense to make you feel at ease.


Price of Blue Opals

Yellow gems are less expensive and the price shoots up as the stone gets redder in colour. Moreover, transparency pattern and brilliance is also something which needs to be taken into account when looking for price. Translucent stones are cheaper than transparent stones. Above all, the basic factor which determines the price is the “play of colours”. Their pattern display and layering will affect their price since it is the display of colours and hues we are talking about. Sizes play a role too but it is not a significant factor in deciding the price.

All in all, it is advisable to contact an opal provider if you are interested in buying an opal.


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