Green Tea For Detoxification: Does It Work?

You may have heard about the green tea detox which is sweeping the globe.

This is a safe, natural way of experiencing a total detox, without recourse to any harmful substances.

Here’s why you should make green tea your detox choice for 2019!


It’s Natural

Detox should be natural. And green tea detox is just that.

Your body is flooded with toxins on a daily basis. Green tea can help to purify it without the needs for manmade chemicals or heavy duty pharmaceuticals.


It Helps You Lose Weight

Probably the number one reason for many people’s decision to try a green tea detox is that it can speed up weight loss.

Both green tea – and matcha tea, which is an intense form of green tea – assist with the burning of fat. This is why you see green tea suddenly becoming popular with people trying to lose weight!

Because of the caffeine and other antioxidant properties found within green tea, it helps keep your energy levels even and sustained throughout your diet plan. This wards off the fatigue that can plague dieters and keep the dreaded ‘crash’ at bay.

Given that one third of the American population is now judged to be obese, this is welcome news indeed!

A study conducted in 2009 found that taking between 1-4 teaspoons a day (270 and 1200 mg) of matcha green tea helped participants lose three pounds on average, over a twelve week period.

Better still, weight loss aided by matcha green tea is associated with an increase in fat reduction as well.

Belly fat shrunk by up to twenty five times, with the use of matcha green tea powder in the diet and the reduction of fat under the skin was eight times improved. This is surely a win-win scenario for any diet!

How does it work? Compounds found within green tea deliver a shot in the arm to your body’s metabolism.

The catechins  achieve this seeming miracle by upping the production of heat in the body, which means calories are burnt faster. They also boost the oxidation of fat. Additionally, they are known to work to suppress the appetite which will assist in any diet.

In short, it increases it, leading to the shedding of extra pounds, without doing anything else different to your routine.

But it is when consumed in conjunction with diet and exercise that you can really see the beneficial weight loss qualities of matcha and green tea – try it to see for yourself!


It Helps Keep You Hydrated

No detox can work without adequate hydration. And surprisingly, there is more to keeping hydrated than simply drinking water.

By sipping green tea on a regular basis, you can help to boost your hydration levels.

Although water is obviously going to work for rehydration, if you are getting bored of drinking only H2O, then you can mix it up by enjoying a cup of green tea.

This will flush out toxins and give a helping hand to your digestive tract – all of which keeps you feeling refreshed and hydrated.


It Helps Your Digestive System

As mentioned, Pique’s green tea works wonders for the digestive tract. You will never detox properly if you are experiencing problems with digestion and flatulence.

So if you suffer from frequent indigestion or bloating, instead of turning to the medicine box for relief, perhaps you could try an uplifting cup of matcha or green tea.

Green tea will help restore your digestive tract to where it should be and helps to guard against future stomach upsets.


It Helps You Sleep At Night

It sounds weird but despite containing caffeine, green tea can help you sleep better.

This is because of its detoxifying properties. Once fully cleansed, your body will be able sleep better.

Also, the l theanine found within green tea has a calming effect on the body and mind, so you won’t get the coffee jitters.

All the same, we don’t advise consuming matcha or green tea shortly before bedtime.

With green tea, your detox can be safe, pleasant, flavorful and inexpensive!


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