Best Heavy Duty Truck Accessories in 2021

If you heard that big heavy trucks are pretty much responsible for why we have a modern world, it’s doubtful that you’d argue that point too much. This is because it’s pretty easy to look around and see all the many roads, bridges and buildings in our immediate vicinity, not to mention the wide array of shops. We understand the sort of trucks it takes to dig the ground out and to carry around those materials. We’re not talking about your large work truck that you see out on the road; we mean those bulldozers and backhoes and other pieces of heavy machinery out there. They were the tools used to construct the modern west.

Of course, a tool is only as good as the person handling it, so let’s give credit to those men and women who operated these trucks, to be sure. Though let’s also realize that heavy-duty truck repair was an around-the-clock must-have when dealing with these trucks, and it still is. A heavy truck is only as good as its mechanic, and so trucks need to run well to get a job done. For many operators, it also helps if these trucks are comfortable. Here are some heavy-duty truck accessories you might want to think about this year.


Truck Accessories to Consider This Year


Air Conditioning

Imagine operating one of these big hydraulic trucks in the middle of summer without any sort of air conditioning. It can be really miserable. That small cab will become like a mini oven, and the operator will be very hot and uncomfortable. Any type of air conditioning is a huge boon for the operator, as it allows the climate to be controlled. This isn’t just a creature comfort, mind you; it’s a good thing to not have sweat running down one’s face or to be lightheaded due to overheating. So if your heavy-duty truck doesn’t have any AC, you would do well to install something as an accessory.


Custom Grips

There certainly are a variety of knobs and grips that you will find inside the cab of a heavy-duty hydraulic truck. In most of these trucks, nearly all of the functionality comes from using your hands here. A really cool way to accessorize here might be to get some custom grips to put on those hydraulic handles. You just have to keep in mind here that things going inside this truck need to be useful. So you’re not going to deck out a heavy-duty truck in any way that’s like a custom novelty. These trucks are still doing tons of heavy lifting, and they will still require heavy-duty truck repair. So think about accessorizing based on things that provide more comfort for the operator based on the frequent usage of the truck.

A Better Radio

When an operator is stuck in that cab all day working, having a good radio can be an ideal accessory. We don’t mean a radio that’s loud and thumping, and that’s going to play their favourite classic rock and roll. We’re dealing with work trucks here, not your typical vehicles. So what we mean is a quality work-use radio, like a CB radio. You can get something that’s updated and current, something that looks attractive and sounds really good. All of these trucks need a line of communication inside of them, and the good news is that you can get a bit creative here and install a quality radio that’s much better than an old broken down CB.


Custom Cabin Features

As an operator of a heavy-duty piece of machinery will tell you, having coffee is basically a must. You’re very unlikely to find anyone operating a big truck without having them a large cup of coffee in there to help keep them aware and alert. So you may want to think about accessorizing something like a quality drink holder as a custom cabin feature. Other custom cabin features might include some sort of seat cover that’s more comfortable and durable, or definitely a seat cushion that’s more forgiving. Just remember here that accessorizing needs to be kept in the range of working, so you’re thinking functionality over style.

Always keep in mind that a heavy-duty truck needs to operate well to get a job done. If you’re keeping up on the maintenance with a quality mechanic, that’s when you can look into accessorizing.


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