7 Videos You Need to Create for Your Next Product Launch

Using video is a great way to promote your products. You can share more details with video than with only using photos and text. But just creating that one video that shows the product from different angles won’t do. You need to create several different videos and they all need to work together as part of a video marketing strategy to help you drive sales. 

This is why today I have put together a quick guide on the different videos you need to create for your next product launch…

Product video

As I mentioned in the opening paragraph, one of the videos you will need to release is a product video. This is where you share a video of the product from different angles and describe all the features with narration or overlay text or both. This is a great way to show people what the product looks like and describe what it feels like if they came across it at the store. 

Put yourself in your audience’s shoes while creating this video. It needs to appeal to them. 

Product demo video

Another type of video is the product demo video. In these videos, you either show the product in action or demonstrate how to use it. For example, if the product is a piece of clothing like a shoe or a jacket, you should show a video of a person wearing it. While if it is an item they can use like a blender, you can create a demo video where a product expert shows people all the things the blender can do. 

 And if it’s a piece of software, you can create a screen recording video where you demonstrate the product. For this, you should make sure you get a good online video editor that doubles as a screen recorder. 

Behind the scenes video

Another type of video that works well is a behind the scenes video of the creators developing the products. People like to know about all the things that went into creating the product. You can also create a behind the scenes video of the product designers. They could talk about the inspiration behind the product and why they created it and a few details about their life. 

Live video

Live videos are extremely popular on social media. So, you can create a live video where you demonstrate the product and show people all the benefits of using it. You can also have a live Q&A session where people can directly ask you questions and you can answer them. It is best to do the live video on the day you launch the product. Maybe you could launch the product right in the video. Some great platforms for live video are YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram


Another form of live video that can help drive sales is webinars. Webinars can not only attract viewers, but also email subscribers to whom you can market to later. Several webinar software even allow you to broadcast the video on networks like Facebook and YouTube simultaneously. This can help you reach a larger audience. But make sure you do the research before you use a webinar to promote your product as it won’t work for everything. 

Video ads

Video ads generate more engagement and sales than still image ads. This is why you should publish more of them. If you follow the above tips and share the videos on social media, you will be able to retarget people who watched the videos with your ads. This can help you achieve a high conversion rate as you will be showing your video ads to people who are not only interested in your product, but also like watching videos. 

Cast study/testimonial videos

Written testimonials will usually do the job of boosting social proof, but for the most skeptical customers, you need video testimonials. As they will watch a real person speaking. It will look more real than something written. So, make sure you include a few videos in your campaign. 


These are the different videos that should be part of your product launch campaign. Make sure you take great care in creating all these videos. And use them together to make a strong impression and drive maximum sales. 


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