Why KNX Smart Touch Panel Simplifies Your Home


We live in an era in which technology makes appearances in all our daily life. Report has it that in a couple of decades, we will end up even more dependant on AI and IoT technologies. If we slow down a bit and take a look around our daily life, we will find the fact that home automation becomes trendy and KNX smart touch panels are increasing greatly in its popularity in our everyday life.


What is smart home?

Smart home technology refers to a technology which represented by devices, appliances, or system which is applied to make a traditional home SMART. The main feature of a smart home is that all devices are connected in one big network and can be remotely controlled. Smart home also offers access to high-tech functionality, while the constant development in the field makes life easier.


What is a KNX smart touch panel?

KNX smart panel is a smart assistant created to be used in your house, featuring a user-friendly touchscreen which helps to control all yoru home appliances, like lighting, shutter, HVAC, floor heating, sensor etc. Mostly, these devices can link to and control other smart devices in the house, acting as the interface for home automation.


How a KNX smart touch panel simplifies your smart home?

The KNX touch panel is with a quick and responsive user interface which always  allows you to interact with your home appliances. There is no necessity for system start or buffering of an app, you simply access your home with the help of this smart home system. Thus, the first step to home automation is installing a smart KNX touch panel. Usually the touch panel is installed places like the kitchen or living room, which allows an easy and fast access to the home automation functions. A smart touch panel is great for monitoring, managing, and controlling your house.


#1 Home control panel for security purposes

An excellent way for an intelligent touch panel to simplify your home is that it has increased the home security. It is excellent for setting up lighting, turning them on or off, or even automating this process. Besides, with a home control panel, you will be able to manage door locks, which ultimately boosts your home’s security.


#2 A smart touch panel helps to save the daily budget

With a simple KNX 5” touch panel, you will be able to control all lights, shutters etc from your home. You won’t be wasting money on lights left on by mistake, or you won’t spend money on gas because you had to get back home to shut it off. With a home automation control panel, everything will be programmed in a well-arranged manner which helps you to save the daily budget.


#3 A home control panel simplifies your life with a boost in comfort

A smart touch panel is invaluable for monitoring home temperatures and creating the perfect environment. You can even have an automation process, in which the temperature will be modified prior to your arrival. Thus, if you are looking for ways to simplify your smart home, installing an intelligent touch panel must be the best choice.


#4 A smart touch control panel is extremely convenient

And, of course, using a smart control panel will make your life much more convenientYou can access your home’s system while on vacation or at work and make sure everything is in order.


After all these analysis, you might consider adding a home control panel to your home. It will better your life, while it will keep things quite simple. It could be your question: But  which brand shall I choose ?  Our recommendation for the best home control panel is to consider one of the products available at GVS. Their wide range of products are appraised by customers worldwide, as they offer simple and economic while stable access to the latest home automation control panels. With tailored smart home solutions, GVS can help you in finding a suitable intelligent touch panel, with lowest cost while most abundant functions.


We recommend the 5” KNX Touch Panel V50 from GVS which comes with the following features:

1.5-inch color IPS,480×854 resolution, capacitive touch screen

2.Switching, dimming, curtains control and value send functions

3.Air quality display, with PM2.5, AQI, CO2, VOC, etc.

4.HVAC, Air conditioner and Floor heating and Ventilation System control

5.RGB and RGBW dimming, RGBW with color temperature setting

6.Background Music control functions

7.Energy Metering display

8.16 Time functions, 8 Event Group functions, 8 Logic functions

9.Time and date display, Password protection, Screensaver

10.Proximity sensor and screen brightness adjust

Come and give it a try and we are surely you will like the convenience it brings and meanwhile rest assured in its economic offer.


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