When Will The Parcel Arrive!

When is my DHL parcel going to arrive ?, This is the type of statement which we often listen to and get angry about because some of the courier services take days to deliver your parcel.

They either extend the delivery time or they say that there was a technical difficulty due to which your parcel is delayed. On the other hand, some of the courier services have such confusing websites that you really don’t have any clue when your parcel is going to arrive.

But don’t worry, after reading this article, you will get know a simple technique through which you can have the idea that when is your parcel going to arrive. Let’s get you started.

Estimated delivery date:

Estimated delivery time is the carrier’s estimate of when the parcel is going to dispatch and when will you receive it.

Estimated delivery dates are displayed for domestic transports that use services such as priority mail, parcel select, media mall and first class.

The basic concept of estimated delivery time is that you hand your parcel to the courier service and it is scanned in to the system by the end of a business day at your local post office.

Finding estimated delivery date on orders:

If you click on the order option, you would see that there is a separate column for estimated delivery time. The date that you see on the orders page is calculated when the rate quote of your order is calculated and scanned in the computer.

The calculation see’s the current date of your order as the shipment date. If the system reads that the order was received on Monday, the estimated calculation assumes that the shipment will deliver your order on Monday.

To relocate the estimated date, switch to a different shipping preset for a moment and then come back. You will see that the estimated delivery date will be relocated.

Estimated delivery time on ready to ship:

The option of estimated delivery date is displayed on the right side of the ship date on ready to ship page.

The estimated delivery date is also sometimes displayed in the list of service options under the drop down menu of carrier service when the carrier is set.

One thing you must keep in mind is that, on ready to ship page, the estimated dates will not be displayed for batch shipments because each batch shipment would have its own date based on the destination where you want to place your order.

Estimated delivery time on browse rates:

You can find estimate delivery date on the browse rates page as well. If you open the page, you will see your order and above that order on the right side of priority mail, you can see that there is a date written. That date is going to be you estimate delivery time.

This simple technique can make you understand the estimate date process. If you have any other queries, you can simply contact the courier service or place your tracking ID on their website to know the status about your order.


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