What to Include in a Back-to-School Gift Basket

Fall signals the beginning of another school year. For some, returning to school this time is more special than other years. For the most part, academic milestones and achievements are usually worth celebrating. A good example of such an occasion is graduation from high school or entrance into a university. So, why not set them up for future academic success with a gift that brings together great goodies they love and useful items? You can easily do so with gift baskets! However, you might ask yourself: “Well, what should I put in their gift basket?” If you lack inspiration, find some here with a few ideas on what to include in a back-to-school gift basket!


An Ensemble of Stylish Stationery

What do high school and college students have in common? Both have to focus on a lot of writing in their various classes. That being said, trying to keep tabs on all those classes can easily get overwhelming. Yet, the beauty behind stylish stationery is how it will inspire these students to get organized. Notably, any aspiring student writers will adore the inclusion of a noteworthy notebook.

Along with that, perhaps a higher-end pen. When writing notes in class, nothing is worse than having the ink run out when you need it the most. Ensure it doesn’t happen with a pen that’s long-lasting and fluid enough to make writing notes easy and quick! Beyond just a notebook and pen, have fun adding stationery staples such as highlighters, stickers, and post-it notes. You can guarantee that they will be used and appreciated!


Spa Products for Self-Care

School becomes more and more stressful as students pursue higher education levels – especially those heading to university in the fall. The heavy course load can feel crushing with multiple assignment deadlines and looming exams on the horizon. That’s why it’s imperative to remind students starting the next semester to give their minds the necessary breaks and focus on their mental health. How can you do so? You can include a few spa products in their gift basket.

One good spa idea is to add some high-quality skin care products like a gentle cleanser, a relaxing exfoliating mask, and a hydrating moisturizer. No matter how stressed they get from classes, they can keep breakouts at bay with those essentials! However, if their idea of self-care is more about relaxation, you can put items like shower gels, soaps, candles, and bath bombs. It makes for a great way for them to decompress from studying or even as a well-earned reward from acing an exam!


The Perfect Classroom Snacks

Once the semester starts, a flurry of classes completely occupies students’ attention. As a busy student, it’s easy to forget when to eat during the day until your stomach growls in protest. Unfortunately, many students don’t realize how important it is to ensure they’re well-fed during the day. For students to keep their minds in tip-top shape, they also need to be conscious of their body’s needs to ensure academic success.

Thankfully, with a gift basket, you can include some snacks, so they’re not becoming starving students while trying to learn. You can add healthier snacks like fruit, gourmet cheeses, and meat, along with artisanal crackers. However, don’t feel restricted to only include more nutritious options. You can give them a few treats as a reward for their hard work! Try adding any of their favourite sweets, like chocolate or candy, to help satisfy their sweet tooth!

The Perfect Morning Brew

Not all students are morning people. Many turn to caffeine as that little pick-me-up before they start their early morning classes. It’s practically a common sight to see on college and university campuses. Beyond helping them wake up for the day, it keeps them energized during long classes and study sessions. In which case, why not get their favourite brew for their gift basket?

Whether they’re a coffee or tea person, you can add the right blends and flavours that they enjoy that are of a higher quality. Not only that, you can include accessories associated with them. Naturally, you can choose a mug for either brew. All you have to do is find a mug that would look nice to them or even a portable canister they can bring class-to-class.


Going back to school can be an exciting time for some students. It can represent a milestone year. Hopefully, these gift basket ideas helped you figure out what would best celebrate and help through academic success!


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