What Mattresses Do Hotels Use?

Many of the things in our lives today that seem like givens are actually luxuries that we take for granted and don’t even think about. One of these luxury items that might not even cross your mind until reading it is the mattress. Soft, plush, comfortable, while also supportive, the modern mattress is something that most of us cannot do without. We’re accustomed to a good mattress, from the time we were in our cradles as babies. It’s just something that’s a given. Though the modern mattress is a relatively new invention in the world. Sure, for thousands of years people had proto versions, stuffing feathers and corn husks and wheat and other materials into sacks. For centuries before that, our ancestors merely slept on the ground. The mattress options we have today are truly a luxury and a blessing.

You can find good mattresses all over. If you need a high-quality piece that will provide comfort and last you for many years to come, there’s always a place like Dreamology where you can shop. Though just how often can you find a good mattress? Only at a mattress store, or can you also find one if you’re on vacation and staying in a hotel? The quality of the average hotel mattress just might surprise you!

Hotels and High-Quality Mattress Options

Believe it or not, most hotels—at least the ones worth their salt—only use high-quality mattress selections. They spare no expense in getting the latest in air coil and innerspring technology, and many will have cooling mattresses and other top-shelf selections. Though why would a hotel invest so heavily in a mattress? Here are a few reasons why.


Why Hotels Spare No Expense with a Mattress

Their Brand Reputation

The hotels have a name to present to the public. If the Brand X Hotel is known around for having a lumpy, saggy, uncomfortable mattress, who would want to stay there? A part of the reason that a large percentage of people go to a hotel is for a good night’s sleep. They want to rest in comfort; and not only that, they want their hotel stay to be a lot more comfortable than their home stay. It’s an experience all around, and so the mattress has to be great. If not, people would just sleep in their cars or invest in recreational vehicles. Having a quality mattress is what really makes a hotel stand out.


Durability in Quality

Imagine that you own a hotel. Think of all the money you’re spending on sheets and cleaning supplies and hygiene products, not to mention electricity and other utility costs. Now imagine that you have to constantly replace a mattress in every room. Even “cheap” mattress options can cost a lot of money. Hotels make an investment in top-shelf options because they’re going to last a long time. With mattress protectors and a constant change of clean sheets, a high-quality mattress can be slept on for years while still appearing to be brand new. It’s all about the durability.

Young couple together with their young son test the material of the mattress for a touch. Family buys mattress in furniture store. Healthy posture concept.

Fewer Complaints

Another thing you would have to consider as a hotel owner is people who can’t get comfortable and can’t get to sleep, so they walk up to the desk at 4 in the morning demanding a refund! This is a nightmare for any business. Just like the restaurant fears people demanding a refund because their food was inedible, the hotel fears guests not being able to sleep. So quality hotels will invest in the absolute best mattress they can for each room, even if it costs a lot more, so that their guests are comfortable and can sleep well.


Charge Justification

Why would a hotel charge a lot of money per one night’s stay if that night isn’t going to be luxurious and memorable? They have to justify the charge; there has to be a reason that they’re charging you a lot of money to stay there. It’s a competitive industry, if hotel 1 has crappy mattress options, hotel 2 will correct that and take all the business, thus staying with hotel 2 is justified. This is why hotels will spare no expense on a quality mattress.

A lot of hotels will give you access to a good mattress, but there’s nothing quite like buying your own from a mattress store and sleeping in luxury and comfort every night.


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