What Is A Spy Phone App?

If you want to spy on someone, chances are that you are thinking of using a spy phone app. However, what is a spy phone app exactly and what can it do for you? Let’s find out. Sometimes, it becomes necessary to spy on someone such as your child or spouse. This is where a spy phone app comes into place. It allows you to monitor the smartphone of the person you want to keep an eye on. With over 5 billion people using a smartphone, it is important to know what people are up to. Spy Phone App is a unique app that lets you monitor every type of activity. However, you should make sure to follow the cell phone tracking laws in your country to avoid any legal drama.

So What Is A Spy Phone App Exactly?

The Spy Phone App is a smartphone tracker that keeps a track of web activity, text messages, phone calls, and GPS location of your child or anyone else you want to keep an eye on. It is a completely free app that you can download on your phone and 5 other smartphones to monitor all of them.

Ultimate Family Monitoring Tool

We live in a world where it is difficult to trust our kids or even our spouse. Hence, using a spy phone app becomes a necessity. It is the ultimate family tool that you could possibly use for tracking the following activities on a smartphone.

Phone Calls

With a spy phone app, you get to keep track of all outgoing and incoming phone calls. You get access to complete details about the person that calls your child such as their phone number and name. The app even keeps a record of how long the call lasted and its date.

Text Messages

Now, you can keep track of all outgoing and incoming text messages. You will know who texted your child, what they texted, and when they texted as well as their contact details. It does not get better than this. Users will benefit from a complete timeline of the text messages and the content.

GPS Location

The app updates the GPS location of the smartphone every 30 minutes to help you know every movement of your child or loved one. You can use the GPS location to know if they are actually at the library studying or a club. Users get complete map access with the GPS location. This makes the app incredibly useful, especially if the smartphone has been lost.

Web Activity

It is crucial to keep track of what websites your child visits. This is where the web activity feature of the spy phone app truly shines. It lets parents know if their child uses age-appropriate websites or is visiting sites that are 18+ or PG-rated.


Use the spy phone app for complete access to your child’s phone. It makes it extremely easy for you to monitor what they are doing at all times wherever you might be.


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