What Hardware Stores Are Open?

Finding the right hardware store for your home renovation or contracting business is difficult. The ongoing pandemic has further complicated things by imposing restrictions on which businesses can remain open when they can remain open and to what extent their services are allowed to be offered. These changes and rules can become burdensome to follow, especially after so long a period of flux.

Further complicating matters is the global significance of port troubles and disrupted supply chains. The massive increase in raw lumber prices in 2020 is just one example of the far-reaching consequences of these massive disruptions, but it does affect the availability and affordability of the products offered by hardware stores of all sizes.

After all, if the hardware store cannot secure sufficient stock of their popular products, they may leave customers disappointed or upset. This can lead to some businesses choosing to close prematurely and wait for better times rather than alienating customers or spending too much on overhead costs.

All told, these various factors (ongoing pandemic, supply chain issues, increased material prices, public and private restrictions, etc.) make the question, “what hardware stores are open” a pressing and reasonable one. Today, we will attempt to answer this question and provide good news for all those seeking information and assurance.

What Hardware Stores Are Open?

The good news is that most hardware stores are open at this time. In fact, few, if any, remain closed as our economy and society begin to recover from the many changes we’ve seen in the last year. These stores have shown more resilience than some other retail counterparts, likely as a result of the imperishability of the majority of their products and services. That is to say that a band saw will not lose value if it stays on the shelf for one month or thirty.

Still, while these stores are now open and conducting most business, as usual, they are not fully recovered, nor is any part of our economy. Professionals in many disparate disciplines are projecting even more significant change and disruption as the winter’s effects play their own havoc on global transportation and logistics systems.

Some examples of this that may affect hardware stores are the availability of raw materials, especially in rural centres. Products made overseas, like powered construction equipment, may also be less available. This may only look like fewer fully stocked shelves at first, but eventually, it could lead to downsizing or reforming certain aspects of these stores.

Keeping abreast of these risks is important, of course. However, equally important is not forecasting too far into a murky future and predicting the worst (though humans are adept at such things). So, at this time, it is best to continue to patronize your local or preferred hardware store, as usual, leaving the global changes and fluctuations to sort themselves out in the complicated and interconnected way that only they can.

In summary, stores with hardware supplies remain open after the lifting of restrictions in large parts of the world. They continue to offer quality products and services at reasonable prices, but their selection may be more limited than in the past. To learn more about the situation in your town or city, visit one today and get the inside scoop.


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