The Ultimate Guide to Software Standardization

Software standardization is not an easy task. It requires a great deal of effort. However, it all comes down to an understanding of processes. They are the lifeblood of every organization and help ensure that it succeeds. In order to increase efficiency, you need to avoid mistakes. Only through software standardization can you expect to improve the success of software creation and beyond. If the processes are not standardized, anything you document would fail to provide any benefit.

When there are different layouts, it becomes difficult to distinguish the right version of the process. Using various languages makes it impossible for the team to work together. In fact, multiple storage methods and naming would prevent you from searching for what you need. This guide will help explain how you standardize your processes through the creation of documentation guide. It will enable you to document workflow with ease. Thus, you can expect to unify the company.

To standardize processes, you first have to create a documentation style guide. It would set out what everyone would need to do when documenting new processes. The following are required in order to do this.


Meet with the Team

The first step that you need to take for standardization of ICS 35.080 – Software is meeting with the team. Try to meet with at least the team leaders. Consult with employees before creating the guide since they will be the ones who would use it. If you do not know how they document processes at present and other information, you would not know how to set the right standards. Your goal should be to create a unified guide that the entire company can use for ensuring consistency. Let the team weigh in on the guide. They should be the ones shaping it.


Choose a Centralized Platform

Next, you need to select a centralized platform. Your first priority should always be to determine which platform to use for documenting everything. This should be an easy decision when you consider the following.

  • The platform must be easy to use (to create, edit, view, and run processes).
  • Processes need to be easy to keep track of.
  • Custom branding elements should be easy to incorporate.
  • Each aspect of the platform ahs to be centralized.
  • It can be a bonus to also consider variable permissions.


Determine a Naming Convention

Now, you might think of a naming convention for the processes to be rather trivial. However, it enables you to easily navigate the processes and keep things running. You should go through ISO/IEC 26580:2021 – Software and systems engineering — methods and tools for the feature-based approach to software and systems product line engineering to better understand this. The tagging system, ID system, and word order will guide you with this.



Once you have gone over our guide to software standardization, you will have to trouble standardizing processes. It makes perfect sense to bookmark our page so that you can use it as a starting point.


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