The Ultimate Guide To Access Control

The term access control is widely used when discussing securities and entryways. Chances are that you might have heard about it. So, what does it mean? Our ultimate guide to access control will help you decide whether you should invest in access control or not.

So What Is Access Control?

In the simplest of words, access control is a digital system that controls access to entryways. It relies on technology to provide you with amazing security rather than traditional lock setups that lack such a high level of security. Access control systems have become incredibly popular in recent times. It is their flexibility in terms of security and control that has made them an obvious choice when managing doors. Common technology that is used in these systems includes fingerprint scanners, Bluetooth codes, PINs, and more.

What Are The Common Misconceptions About Access Control?

There are certain misconceptions about access control that you need to know about. These are mentioned below.

  1. Only for Businesses

A common misconception that people tend to have involving access control is that it is only for businesses. Back in the day, advanced access control systems were normally used by companies to protect specific areas. They were used to limit access to just a few people. However, they have become common these days. No modern home is complete without an access control system. The rise of smart doorbells, smart door locks, and other products has made it easier than ever before for homeowners to adopt the system.

  1. Use Biometrics

When it comes to biometrics, they are used to refer to reading some parts of our body like facial features, irises, or fingerprints. A lot of people still believe this when thinking of access control. However, there are many other types of security features that are available. For instance, smart locks make use of wireless connections for keeping doors secure. You can also use other methods such as Bluetooth fobs. In some areas, the traditional punch-in codes as still popular.

  1. Locksmiths Cannot Provide Access Control Solutions

A common misconception that people tend to have is that locksmiths cannot provide access control solutions. However, it could not be further from the truth. When you hire a Locksmith in Kanata, you can rest assured that the locksmith will install the access control solution you desire. Unlike what you might be misled into believing, locksmiths offer more than just traditional key-based services. They offer a variety of access control systems for both businesses and homes. You can always contact a locksmith to find out which solution would suit you best.

Why Do You Need A Modern Access Control Solution?

  • Time-Saving: Access control systems are very easy to use and help save time.
  • Flexible Security: A variety of solutions can be included in the system such as security logs and alarms.
  • Easily Scalable: Complex environments rely on access control systems to satisfy multiple requirements.


If you are interested in getting an access control system for your home or office, you should hire a locksmith to install the system.


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