The Northern Soul T Shirts Collection: A Guide to Vintage Style

Vintage style never goes out of fashion. And one style that is not only timeless but also has dedicated followers is northern soul. Northern soul is a music and dance movement that emerged in the North of England in the late 1960s. The movement’s fans are known for their love of soul music, their specific dance style and, of course, their fashion sense. The northern soul t shirts collection at Tribal T Shirts is a great way to embrace this vintage style and show off your northern soul pride. Keep reading to find out more about northern soul fashion and the t shirts collection.

Northern soul fashion is known for its refined yet energetic style. It developed in the 1970s, when a group of young people from the North of England started dancing to obscure soul music from the United States. The genre was not popular, but it soon captivated these young people, who made it their own. As they danced the night away in all-nighters, they dressed in sharp suits, fitted skirts, and vibrant northern soul t shirts. The fashion was born and quickly became an essential part of the northern soul scene.

The northern soul t shirts collection at Tribal T Shirts is a fantastic way to tap into this fashion subculture. The collection includes a range of t shirts that honor northern soul icons and venues. The designs are propelled by vintage graphics and typography that adds an authentic touch. Wear these t shirts to your next dance party and see how they can prompt admiration and conversation from fellow northern soul lovers.

When it comes to northern soul style, remember that attention is in the details. A head-to-toe northern soul-inspired outfit is not complete without accessories like patches, pins, and badges. The northern soul t shirts collection at Tribal T Shirts includes some of these accessories that are perfect for complementing your t shirt or adding flair to your outfit. The accessories include enamel pins with northern soul imagery, badges with northern soul designs, and patches.

Apart from the northern soul t shirts collection, you can also add a retro edge to your wardrobe with other pieces of clothing inspired by the northern soul movement. For example, the collection at Tribal T Shirts also includes vests, fleeces, and hoodies, all featuring northern soul imagery and graphics. You can mix and match these pieces to make your northern soul outfit complete. Don’t forget to add a pair of vintage-inspired shoes to complete your look.


The northern soul t shirts collection at Tribal T Shirts is more than just a range of vintage-inspired t shirts. It is a nod to a fashion subculture that has endured over the years. Northern soul style is about feeling confident, vivacious, and authentic. With the northern soul t shirts collection, you can tap into that style and make it your own. So, what are you waiting for? Check out the collection and find your perfect northern soul t shirt today.


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