The best vpn for windows 11

A short time ago, a couple of months ago, Microsoft surprised its users with a surprise update to its operating system for computers.

After several rumors and leaks, Microsoft launched Windows 11, its new, more minimalist operating system with many more functions than its predecessor, Windows 10.

If you are looking for the best VPN for Windows 11, we have the best option for you, iTOP VPN. In this article we will talk about all its features, functionalities and much, much more. For the Spanish public, it is classified as “la mejor vpn para pc

Is iTOP VPN the best VPN for Windows 11? Why?

The new Windows operating system has just been launched on the market and with it, several doubts arise. Many applications tend to stop working due to the new Windows configuration policies, but this is not the case with iTOP VPN.

Below, we will mention the best features that iTOP VPN has for you, providing you with an incredible user experience.

Pricing plans

Fortunately, iTOP VPN offers its customers a free plan per day with a usage of 1 GB per day. After this amount is used up, the user must pay for a subscription plan to continue using the application.

For this reason, this application is one of the best Windows 11 VPNs, as it provides a considerable amount of money for online use. If you are one of those people who tend to stay connected for more than 5 hours on a VPN, the payment plans are not that expensive compared to the competitors’ catalogs.

Security and Privacy

A large percentage of VPN applications protect the user’s privacy through various secure security protocols.

The latter does not ensure that your privacy is safe, 100% secure and encrypted. How is this possible? Because the providers can easily make mistakes in the configuration, but they are open source, so anyone can see how they work or inspect the code for problems.

However, iTop VPN uses its own custom scheme. The Windows application appears to establish a fast proxy connection to the VPN server, then uses the open source WinDivt package to route your traffic through the tunnel, apparently encrypting it using iTop’s own protocol. At iTOP your security comes first!

Device Support

Comparing iTOP VPN with its competitors, this platform far surpasses them. Currently, it has support for the 3 main operating systems of existing devices: iOS, Android and Windows.

You will be able to use iTOP VPN from your mobile without any worries and access different content on streaming platforms that, in your country, are either censored or not available.

Ease of use

Another of iTOP VPN’s key features is its interface. It is simple and fast.

Anyone, with as little knowledge of the Internet as possible, will be able to use it and connect to different servers around the world. All you need to do is read the screen and the application will guide you to the destination.


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