Review of Grandstream GRP2614

If you are on the lookout for the best Grandstream network phone, then, the Grandstream GRP2614 is just what you need. It is a dual screen IP phone that offers various connectivity options. With a 2.8 inch-sized Main Display, the Grandstream GRP2614 has the perfect display size for staying updated on all matters. No matter whom you want to call or whoever calls you, the display will let you know about the number. There are fewer chances of issues occurring. The secondary LCD color screen is 2.4 inch-sized which makes it ideal for staying ahead of the game. You will never have to answer someone you do not want to speak to ever again.

Amazing Connectivity

The Grandstream GRP2614 features amazing connectivity options which include 4 SIP Accounts, wifi network connectivity, and Bluetooth 5. POE Support and Gigabit network speeds are also offered due to the Dual ethernet ports.

Executive Office Phone

Known for being the best executive office phone out there, the Grandstream GRP2614 is meant for organizations of all sizes. The sleek pattern of the phone makes it stand out. There are many advanced features which are included such as the Dual LCD Screens. The second screen provides support for 40 virtual multiple purpose keys which it enables it to use the multiple purpose keys for getting things done. Some of the things that you can do with the virtual multiple purpose keys includes BLF, speed dial, and much more. There is nothing that you cannot do with this executive office phone.

VoIP Security

When it comes to modern IP telecommunications, VoIP Security is the most common challenge. However, with the Grandstream GRP2614, there is nothing to worry about because it offers outstanding enterprise-level security like no other phone. The Grandstream GRP2614 carrier-grade features include encrypted data storage, dual firmware images, and secure boot. These help ensure that high-level security is offered at all times.

Crisp Real-Life Communication

With the Grandstream GRP2614, you get to take advantage of crisp real-life communication. The speakerphone, handset, and HD audio support wide-band audio. Moreover, additional 8MPK extension keys are also offered at the side of the main screen. The dual-color LED is supported by these keys.

Use Cloud Solutions

Cloud technology is the future and if you want to succeed, then, you need to leverage it. The Grandstream GRP2614 provides you with GDMS (Grandstream Cloud Device Management System) which allows you to manage the phone to its full potential. With the GDMS, you get a centralized interface for deployment, monitoring, managing, configuring, and the provision of Grandstream. It allows you to hold call logs for up to 2000 records.

Multiple Features

The Grandstream GRP2614 is just what you need as it includes many useful features like call pickup, personalized music ringtones, hot-desking, call park, 3-way conference, forward, transfer, and hold. Hence, it can be used for various tasks.


Choose Grandstream GRP2614 as it the best office phone for your business. It will help ensure that all communication is streamlined.


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